The Teacher

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1. One

D I S C L A I M E R: I don't own these people and none of this happens in real life, I don't think. There may be sex scenes, sexual references, coarse language and mature scenes (I will give prior warning). If you do not like what I write please just stop reading and leave my page. Do not report this story, it is rated with mature content. And it is a fan fiction meaning it is made up. Also, do not try any of this in real life. No hate please, do enjoy The Teacher.




I sighed and put my crap into my locker, taking out the subjects I had next. Nothing had changed from last year. I was at least expecting the walls to be painted. I closed my locker, finding my eyes drawn to a young man across the hall. I felt my cheeks flush as he looked over at me and winked. New guy at school. Maybe this year had changed. I found myself opening my locker and fixing my hair like my mum told me to.




"Chris," I wrapped my arms around her.


"I missed you so much babe," she held my shoulders. "You looked a little flushed."


"Really. It's a bit hot," I said, closing my locker again.


"Okay," she mocked.


"What? I said it was hot." Or something was hot. 


"And I said okay. Come on, let's get changed."


She dragged me to the bathrooms where we changed into our sports gear. 


"So how are you and Adrien?"


"He dumped me. So I'm a bit cautious of boys now," I admitted, folding my jeans.


"I never liked him anyway."


"I think Austin's okay though." Austin was a really close friend of mine, I guess I considered him my boyfriend.


The bell rang and we rushed off to the school gymnasium. The first thing I thought was that teachers usually aren't shirtless. They also aren't good looking. The second thing I noticed was those eyes. The same pair that had looked at me from across the hall. Did I feel for the teacher? That's not right! 


"Earth to Scarlett," Chris knocked me over a bit.




We took a seat on the benches.


"Alright class, I'm Mr Styles. Your new sports teacher," he pulled on a shirt and my heart deflated. That's wrong. I have to stop thinking about him like that. 


"How old are you?" A girl called. I can say I was wondering the same thing.


"Twenty," he replied in a voice which I must say was sexy. I'm sorry!


I bit my lip and heard Chris giggle next to me.


"Right, everyone partner up for shooting skills," he instructed, grabbing a basket ball.


I turned to Chris to find she'd partnered up with Gale. I scowled at her and she looked at me apologetically.


"You don't have a partner?" Mr Styles looked over at me.


I shook my head I don't think I could've said anything at that time.


"You're my partner. Okay, I'll need you up here."


I made my way to him and he grinned, looking me up and down. I pulled my shorts down a bit to hide my legs.


"I want to see if you can shoot three balls into the hoop in a row," he handed me the basket ball.


"I'm not good at shooting," I said weakly.


"Then I'll help you," he said. I felt my heart skip a beat.


I took my spot in front of the hoop and threw the ball. It hit the ring and bounced off. I cursed inside my head. I shot again, missing by far this time. Third time a charm? I stood with my legs apart to try and shoot when I felt hands on my hips.


"Stand like this," Mr Styles whispered in my ear. I heard someone whistle. "And hold the ball like this," his hands slipped to replicate mine. I felt his breath in my ear and shivered. I hope he couldn't feel how fast my heart rate was going. "And throw," he said.


I threw the ball. It hit the back board, the front of the hoop and went in. 


"Yay!" I squealed and jumped up and down. Everyone clapped, but I got a few looks from other girls. Jealous maybe?


"Alright, we will now split into two groups. One down that end and the other down the other."


The class parted. I was about to head off to Chris and Gale, but I turned to face Mr Styles.


"What about partnering up?" I asked.


"Oh no, it was just an excuse to get you over," he smiled. I felt my cheeks flush and ran off quickly to join Chris.




I drummed my fingers waiting for Austin. Where the fuck was he? I pulled my phone number and dialed his number. It went to voice male.


"Austin! Where are you?!" I hung up and rolled my phone in my hands.


A car pulled up in front of me. I looked up to see a black Audi. Since when did Austin get lots of money. I swung my bag over my shoulder and opened the door.


"Austin, you got a new...." I looked down to see Mr Styles. "Mr Styles!" I squeaked. "Sorry," I closed the door.


"Do you want a lift?" He asked, opening the door again.


"Ha, no. That's just weird, no offence, getting into a car with a teacher." A teacher asking you if you wanted a lift home, was weird. I laughed a little, for some reason. "I'm good, thanks."


"This 'Austin' guy doesn't seem to be here," he looked around then back up at me.


"He will be here. He's just late," I trailed off.


"Okay then. But you can come if you'd like."


I glanced down the road, it was silent. I slid into the leather seat of his Audi, pressing myself to the window.


"So where do you live?" he asked, starting the ignition.


It was weird him asking me that, but I told him. It wasn't like I couldn't.


"Mr Styles-"


"Harry, out of school, please," he smiled at me.


"Harry then," I breathed.


It was an awkward and silent car ride. I directed Harry to my house, and he pulled up outside. Everything looked quiet and peaceful.


"Would you like me to check for rapists?"


"Uh no. I should be good."


There was a tap on my window. Mr Styles rolled the window down and my mother peered in.


"Mother!" I stuttered, pushing the door open.


"Who's your friend?" She raised her eyebrows.


"He's my teacher, mother," I glared at her.


"Oh. And you're-"


"Austin never showed up!" I protested.


"Okay," she opened the door and I stumbled out.


"Thanks Mr Styles," I smiled at him.


"You're welcome, Scarlett, is it?"


"Yeah. Scarlett Miller."


"I'll see you tomorrow then, sometime," he smiled at me. "Mrs Miller," he nodded before starting the engine and pulling away.


"Teacher?" Mother took me by my shoulder and lead me into the house. "Isn't he a bit young?"


"He's twenty. Just must be smart," I shrugged, kicking my shoes off.




"Mother, I'm not going to go around fucking teachers. Don't worry, okay? Now I'm going over to Austin's  cause I need to whip is scrawny ass," I walked upstairs.


I pulled on denim shorts and a white shirt with a plaid cardigan. I slipped on my vans and headed downstairs again.


"How long will you be?"


"Not long," I sighed, grabbing my car keys.


My car spluttered to life. It wasn't the best, but it did for the short runs I needed it for. I pulled up into Austin's driveway five minutes later and knocked on his door.


"Scarlett," his sister said.


"Is your brother here?" I leant down to her eye height.


"Uh...." Her eyes shifted.


I took her by the shoulders. "Tell me where Austin is." Maybe I was too harsh.


"I thought he was upstairs with you, I heard a girl," she mumbled.


I gritted my teeth together and brushed past her, heading to Austin's room. I pushed he door open and peered in. My heart fell to my feet when I saw him on top of a girl.


"What happened to three thirty pick up?" I asked.


"Babe, who's this?"


"Babe? How fucking long?!" I screamed.


"Babe," she repeated, taking his arm. The way I would.


"Scarlett. I didn't think - I forgot," he looked at me with big eyes.


"I'll tell you what you can forget? Our relationship!" I stepped out of the room, slamming the door shut and sprinting down the hallway.


"What happened?"


"You're brother is a lying, cheating dick," I said before storming out of the house.


I hauled myself into the car and sped off down the street. My mother was dusting the mantle when I walked in.


"Did it go okay?" She caught my arm.


"Let go," I tried to pull my arm away.


"What happened?"


My heart felt like leaping out of my chest. Tears pushed against my eyes, but I didn't want to let them go. I just wanted arms around me. His arms around me.

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