The Teacher

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4. Four

I am back. Well, kind of. I wanted to write something and came onto this website only to see that The Teacher had 11 000+ reads. And that is really, really insane. The last comment was left one week ago and the other eight months ago and the rest from a year ago onwards. I feel bad for not really updating when over four hundred people asked me to. I wish I stuck to it and was sensible about writing this fic and din't just neglect it and you. The thing is, I want to write some more because I like The Teacher and would love to actually finish it. But you see, I don't know how many people are even here to read it and I would love to finish it, but more for you guys than myself. I think there are 456 people who favourited this story and 381 of you who liked it. Are you still here? I will gladly update the fucking shit out of this story if you are and you want me to. Um, I need some motivation and ideas but that's it.


My rant is done and basically the whole entire point of it was to let everyone who liked this story I will write it for you. I feel so bad for never coming back, but school has been relentless and the typical excuse, my mental health was a little foggy. I am so sorry.


All the love,

         my-larry-heart xx

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