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8. Eight*

As you can see, there is an asterisk ( * ) next to the chapter. That means there will be inappropriate material in this chapter for those who are under, eh, fifteen maybe? I will never write anything too smutty or drug / alcohol / violence related, but it's just a heads up!












"Faster! Faster! Faster!" I screamed. "Oh my god!"


I slammed the X-box controller down on the table, seeing the 'First Place' banner come up on my screen. 


"I told you I was going to beat you," I flicked my hair.


"Another round!" he shrieked.


I rolled my eyes at him. Honestly, he was so childish it was cute. His dimples were showing as he grinned listening to the Mario Kart theme song. I revved up my car and he did the same. When it went 'go' I zoomed off, but Harry's car spun out of control.


"No! I'm already losing. I'm so going to get you," he rammed into me, forcing me to topple over.


"That's cheating," I attempted to see passed his mop of curls that was in the way.


It didn't even occur to me what was happening between us. Mr Styles was laying on top of me, his face incredibly close to mine. I dismissed the though, carrying on the race.


I ended up winning and Mr Styles sat with a pillow clutched to his chest, hanging his head in defeat. "No fair. I'm convinced you're cheating."


"You're all talk," I smirked.


We packed up the X-box, Harry still muttering to himself about his defeat. I didn't even know how I was sitting with my PE teacher playing Mario Kart. Earlier this night I had called my mother to let her know I was staying with someone else. She seemed really apologetic, but I wasn't taking it. I had a little breakdown and Harry convinced me playing Mario Kart was a sure way to fix things. One thing led to the other and my competitive nature came out.


"So, how was the conversation with your mother?" Mr Styles asked, sitting back down beside me on the couch.


"What? Oh, alright."


"It didn't seem alright."


Well, no, it wasn't alright. I stared at my lap, feeling tears well in my eyes. Oh for fucks sake I wasn't going to cry in front of my PE teacher. I wiped my cheeks quickly.


"It's fine, I swear. Thanks for letting me stay here."


Mr Styles extended his hand, placing it on my leg. My leg felt as if it had been shocked. I couldn't deny how nice his warm hand was on my leg. He withdrew, scratching the back of his neck.


"Well, I better go to bed, we have school tomorrow," he stood up, stretching.


I watched his shirt pull nice and tightly over his torso. Hm, wonder what his abs felt like, to be honest. I stood as well, heading off to the guest bedroom. A hand stopped me from walking very far. Oh, so now he decided to make a move on me? Now I was going to die.


"Mr Styles," I shook my arm free.


"Sorry, I shouldn't have grabbed you. I just wanted to say goodnight and I hope everything is alright. If there are any issues, please wake me, I'm here for you," he smiled gently. "And I care."


I rolled my eyes. What a sop. "You only care 'cause you're obliged to as a teacher."


He frowned. "Um, does this look like a school environment? I care because I want to, Scarlett, don't forget that."


"I won't, Harry," I let my eyes meet his green ones.


Damn, he was a charming man alright. Rich, attractive, and caring. What a catch, eh? It wasn't everyday you found someone who had genuine intentions and came off as a complete hot tool.


"Well, goodnight," I said shyly.


"Goodnight, Scarlett."


I headed to my room and shut the door, leaning against it. God, this was messed up all right. But at least I wasn't at home where my father was. Anything was better than there. It really hurt that my mother would do that to me and that she didn't even tell me why. To be fair, I didn't give her a chance to explain. But still, I'm the hurt one here.


Eventually I managed to get all cosy and comfortable in the double bed, snuggling up to my pillow. It was nearing twelve when I began to hear a series of grunts. I was mighty pissed because I'd just got all warm and in the right sleeping position, but obviously I didn't know what was wrong. I flung the comforter off with a little bit of attitude and padded to my door. I could hear the grunting from here. What the hell was it? I pushed my ear against the door. 


It fell silent and I stepped back. Was someone murdering us? Did someone just kill Mr Styles? I held my breath, listening out. The sounds began again and I frowned. It sounded a lot like something a tad inappropriate. I shook the thought out of my head, Mr Styles wouldn't do that when he had a guest over, especially a student. Curiosity got the better of me and I quietly opened the door. My eyes fell on Mr Styles. His bed was in the corner by the window, and the light was spilling in so I could see very clearly what he was doing.


Which was getting himself off.


I swallowed the lump in my throat, feeling rather hot under the collar. I mean it was weird, but hot. I could see from here that he was obviously big, maybe eight or nine inches. I heard him mumbling to himself in pleasure. I knew I shouldn't have been watching, but I couldn't look away now. It was so gross to think of it, but in the moment, you know? 


"Sc-Scarlett," he whispered as he came.


I gave a squeak and slammed the door. I was mortified. Did he just moan my name when he came? I raced into bed and under the covers. Was I grossed out or flattered?


Oh hell, I told myself it wasn't a good idea to come here, and I was fucking right too.






I know, I know, it's smutty. I had to keep it pretty chill because this movella is rated Y, but still, I was feeling a like spicing this story up. As I said, * means smut or slightly inappropriate themes.


Happy reading! xox

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