Magcon boys

This is a book of imagines of the magcon boy for people who don't know who they are they are the boys who make vines. I do not own any of these imagines


1. Matthew Espinosa(imagine)

Today was your best friend Matt's birthday and he was turning 17. You guys have known each other since kindergarten and you guys knew each other inside and out. Except he didn't know that you like him. Lots of girls liked him. You mean who wouldn't? He's cute. Actually he's more than cute. He's hot. The sad part is. He has a girlfriend named Shannon.

You get out of bed because you only have an hour & a half till his party. You go to your closet and chose out a blue jean dress the had buttons the stopped at your stomach. You walk to to the bathroom to curl your hair and when you tried to curl your bangs you burned the side of your head "shit!" You said. You stated to hear you phone ring so you walked back into your room. It was Matt.


"Hey (Y/N). Are you coming to the party?"


"Are you okay? You seem hurt?"

" yeah I just fucking burned the side of my head."

"Oh. Well if ya want a ride I'm in the neighbor hood I can pick u up."

"Yeah. That would be great. I have to do my makeup first."

"(Y/N) you don't need makeup. You're perfect with out it." You can hear matt smile though the phone and you blush. Thanks Matt."

"I'll be there in 3."

You run down stairs and get your black flats on. * honk honk * it's Matt. You run out the door and get into the car with Matt

"Where's Shannon? I thought she would be with you." You asked Matt.

"Umm actually.. We umm.. She had a family reunion."

"Oh seems fun. Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm with you of course I'm okay." He patted your thigh. A shiver went through you whole body. Matt stopped in the middle of the street. It wasn't really busy so no cars were coming. You turned to look at him, but right when you moved your neck he was right there about to kiss you . And that's what he did . He kissed you till you pushed him away. Which was almost a minute. "Oh my god. You're with Shannon. What the hell?!?!" You were about to Open the door and get out, but he grabbed your wrist and made you stay. Then he started to get teary eyed. "She cheated on me. I don't even know why I'm crying because she was a total bitch to me. I never really even loved her . What was I thinking ..." You just stared at him thinking thinking he was going to continue and he did. " I realized every time I said 'I love you' to her, I thought of you. I didn't know why. But then I did. I had been in love with you since probably we first meet." You cupped his face in your hands and whipped off the tears with your thumbs. And then you kissed him. You didn't stop. So neither did he. You guys were practically making out now. Until a car came up behind you and started honking. You looked at the clock & it was 12:30. You guys were 30 mins late for the party. Whoops you thought. You guys ended up laughing and Matthew drove you guys back to his house.

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