He luv dat booday, but he steel luv da reel me thoe. He sed so.

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2. Important (:


  Hey! I would like to congratulate all of you that actually read this short story and stayed long enough to be reading this chapter right now. Thank you!!! (:

 In case you were wanting to read an actual Movella, I have made other ones as well such as Wasted, Sweet Dreams or Playing by the Rules. Mind checking those ones out?  (I promise I used actual grammar points in those ones.) (:

 P.s.  I really hope none of you were expecting another chapter, because then I would feel really bad. Sorry I just can't stand typing like that. Who knows? Maybe some day I'll get really bored again and add another chapter... I just don't know if I have the patience. Plus I'm pretty sure it bothers some people. Who knew? :O

 Anyways... Have a nice day! (:


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