He luv dat booday, but he steel luv da reel me thoe. He sed so.

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1. Boodayful

'Sally hurreh wer gon be late!' my best frand 5 eva sed. her name iz Princess but I call her P sum timez 4 short. 'Okey, calm ur titz gurl.' I sed puttin da last of da makup on my face. Dam I luk hawt. P couldnt evan beet dis luk. I meen dam. I wuz wering dis: www.polyvore.com/5465454654653235reg4+65trgwtf354gtfo54stfu5465smh654fml54rt56b46rb6546546541111111116879878974. n I had my makup lik Ariana Grande 3 yrs ago on december 12. Idk y dis gurl iz evan bringin me wit her, she no I dont lik 2 partey at barz. but Im steel goin any way. I luvs her 2 much 2 sey no. 'git ur but in da car gurl, we gon git druk 2night.' she sed. 'geez.' I sed jumpin in2 my blac porsh. eh I need a new cahr. I had alredy had dis one 4 a hole mounth. 'u driv.' i sed giting in da pasenger seat. 'okey' she sed putin da keyz in ignition. -skips car ride- 'wer hear' Princess sed giting her fake id frum her wallit. I also grabed mine n whent in line. 'fuk dis long line' l sed n whent to da front 2 flirt wit da jumper. -jumper's pov- Dam dat gurl got sum ass on her. she walkin ovr hear. 'hey smexy.' she sed. I froz az i relized my boi wuz standin. uh lawd, i got to let her in bc she so smexy. dam. i hope she find me latr. -Sally's pov- i can tell he liks me 4 my body. 2 bad im too gud 4 him. Princess n I walkd in2 da club n all we herd wuz alot of music n saw alot of grinden. den I saw de most amazing person eva. he wuz tall wit dark hare n big coco eyeballz. he wuz wayyyyy q-ter den da jumper. i gotz to git me a slice of his keylime piez. idc wut P thinks. she wunted 4 me 2 hav fun n im gon do it. i downd 2 shots n started 2 grind wit him. he grabed my love handlez n rocked my bodi 2 da music. he wuz so romanic i wunna fuk him. i couldnt help it, i wuz so druk. i got on my tiptoez n wispered in2 his ear. 'i want u babie lik pooh wunts his hunnay. wuts ur name?' o sed. 'its Zen.' he smiled n led me out da door. i winked at da jumper as we left n we got 2 Zens car. da hole car ride 2 Zens house wuz quiet but sexul. he only wunts my bodi, i cun tell. but idc, i think i luv him. im scard 2 tell him thoe. da hole time we wher in da car Zen kept rubin his handz on my lap so i decided to pley wit him. i rubed my hands up hiz legs n grabed him. dam he wuz big. Zen moand loudly n he stoped da car in his driv way. 'dam ur ass iz so fine bby.' he sed. 'i wunt u now.'he sed. he iz so smexy wen he tlks 2 me lik dat. we quickly ran insid n he pushed me aganst da wall. he rubed my thigh as he kissd me luvingly but roughly. he wispered 'jump.' n i did. as soon as both my foots left da ground he fell flat on his bck. dis dam guy is week. i strattled him wit my legs n he groand. i kissd him hard n he askd 4 enterance 'idc' i sed. n he nodded n kissd me mor. he tryed 2 flip me ovr, but he wuz too week i guss, so i did it 4 him n smiled. 'i luv ur booday gurl.' he wisperd as he riped off both our cloths. he spread my booday licious legs as he adjustd himself in me. dam. he gud at dis. 'sey my name.' he sed. 'Zen.' I sed. 'say it agin.' he sed. 'Zen.' i sed. 'Zen. Zen. Zen.' i kept repeetin. god he gud. he no how 2 treet me. i think i really do luv him. 'I luv u Zen.' I wispered as i reeched my climix. 'wut?' he sed. 'how did u no? i luved u 2.' he smiled. i smiled bck n we cuddled 2gether on da floor until daylite. he had his arm half way ovr me wen i woke up n i luved it. i stood up quickly n ran 2 da bathroom 2 through up. Zen ran faster behind me n helpd me. 'Zen.' I sed. 'i think im prego.' i sed. 'reely?' he cryed. i cryed 2 n nodded my head. 'yeh. ur gon be a babie dady.' i smiled. he smiled n rubed my curvy belly. 'whats ur name babie momy?' he smiled. 'Sally. Sally Smith.' i blushd. 'well Sally Smith, i no i sed i likd ur booday, but i reely do lik u 2. ur boodayful.' he smiled n kissd my cheek. he iz so romanic.

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