Kina has a secret. She's an angel; the angel of unity and unconditional love. Heaven has fallen, and the angels have gone into hiding throughout the planet known as Earth.

Unfortunately, that means that the demons from Hell have also come to Earth to find and kill the angels. But first, the demons have to find the angels that are scattered around the world.

A demon has tracked Kina down to the little town of Wokingham in England, and she now needs to find a way to stay alive and keep Drazi, the demon of hate, away from her.

When Kina, the angel of unconditional love, and Drazi, who's only point of existence is to destroy love, fall for each other, it is very ironic and paradoxical.

Will Drazi risk it all for Kina or will he let her go?


1. visions.

It started out fine.

She wasn't doing anything strange, or out of the ordinary. All she was doing was sitting in her chair, waiting.

But waiting for what?

Shekinah stood up from her chair and wandered around the white room. White walls, white lights, white floors and ceilings. There were paintings on the walls, most of which were human creations. All of the paintings included Shekinah's race, the angels.

As Shekinah was admiring the work of the humans, the voices in her head got louder. The voices were repeating one thing, a prayer.

Angel of Unconditional Love, I know when I feel and express anger, I have been pulled away from unconditional love and have put conditions on my love. Help me to redeem myself and clear away thoughts and feelings that keep me from loving unconditionally and being as close to God as I desire. I look to you for guidance and assistance in leading me back to God's loving arms.

The prayer was getting louder and louder until the voices were screaming. The voices were screaming the prayer, and Shekinah was screaming in pain. She fell on the floor, writhing in pain. She clenched her eyes shut and put her hands to her ears to shut the voices out, but that didn't work. When Shekinah opened her eyes again, she was surrounded by flames. The flames were licking her golden dress and darkening it to a sooty black. The white walls were now red, and the beautiful human paintings were fluttering to the floor. 

Then the voices stopped. All at once. They gave one last parting shriek, and left her head. Shekinah was left shivering and crying in the burning mess of the room.


"Shekinah. Shekinah? Kina!" Gabriel was yelling at her, trying to get her attention. He grabbed her shoulders and shook her out of her daydream. Shekinah blinked the fire and smoke out of her eyes and stood up from her wooden chair. "We need to go. The time has come."

The hall that Gabriel and Shekinah were in was shaking, and the marble building was falling down. Gabriel grabbed Shekinah's wrist and brought out his wings.

"Kina, please shake it off. Heaven is falling, and we need to go. We need to go to Earth, the place of the humans. Find a place to settle, and go into hiding. The demons will come; it's just a matter of time. Please keep yourself safe." Gabriel kissed Shekinah on the forehead and flew off towards the Gates. 

Shekinah brought out her wings as well, and shook the rest of the vision from her head. She needed to get to Earth in one piece, and find a town to settle in. The angels had been preparing for the fall of Heaven for a long time, but they didn't know it would come on this quick.

Shekinah stretched her neck out and lifted herself out of the marble hall. She flew down towards the Gates. As she passed all of the buildings and homes, she saw the wreckage of the Fall. There were angels running, because their wings were on fire. The Cherubs were trying to help those on fire, but they weren't fast enough.

Shekinah got past the Gates and started to create the portal to Earth. She made the portal to a small town in the United Kingdom that she chose when preparing for this day, Wokingham. She changed out of her angel appearance and into a human body to blend into the humans. Shekinah looked back at the Gates of Heaven and saw one Cherub trailing after her before she closed the portal. The Cherub stopped beside Shekinah and waved to the closing portal.


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