"What do you do when everybody's gone when you need somone more when your just lost" what will Breana do when she runs into five boys at a concert who will she pick and will she find her way back


1. lost

Breana's p.o.v

What do you do when your lost and can't find yourself hi I'm Breana I'm 19 live in London England and this is my life when I was five my dad walked out on us my mom died two years ago I have nobody but my three best friends Kira jade and Bella they're the only Peaple who have kept me up this long we all have a bunch of things in common we all love one direction and a lot of other things were in a band together Bella plays guitar jade plays drums Kira's key board and I'm lead vocalist I have a strong voice is what they say but I just call it luck tonight where all going to a concert and guess whos playing one direction it was my birthday present from two weeks ago we all really exited. Well I got to go and get ready .

2 hours later

Knock knock Bre answer are you ready I walked down in shorts and a cute shirt with my black Jordan's and answered the door "come on we're going to be late " before I could speak I was yanked out of the door by Bella and pulled to the car "Bella were thirty minutes early" she didn't answer and drove it was about a five minute drive to the stadium

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