Single and proud!❤️

My name is Lex Martin and I have been kidnapped by One Direction and I think I'm falling in live with Niall Horan


3. time to go

I was done and me and Harry walked out the door. Got in the limo and went to the theater. "Harry thanks for bringing me to the movies!" I said "no problem." He announced back. We walked in and me eyes suddenly took control. Looked at the boy across the room. He was staring at me to and I went up to him " Hey." I sai. Hey there." he said back

Harry called me and I walked up to him "yea?" "Who is that boy?" He asked "you know him?" "Umm kinda why?" I said. "Well he is a bad boy." He said back. "Ok what's wrong with that?" I asked. "Honey I don't want you hanging out with kids like that!" He announced. "But why?" I asked confused. "Just don't go near him." Ha said. Ugh why can't I have the friends I want! Harry doesn't know anything! I hate my life!!

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