Single and proud!❤️

My name is Lex Martin and I have been kidnapped by One Direction and I think I'm falling in live with Niall Horan


2. getting ready

I'm so exited!! My dads are throwing me a surprise party! The thing is they don't know that I know. "Lex, come down here please" one of my dads said. I'm not really comfortable calling them dad yet. "Coming Harry!" I said back. I ran down stairs and I saw a pretty cake. "Niall cover it up don't let her see it!" Louis said. "Oops sorry." Niall said back. What was that about? Oh ya the party. "So you called me Harry?" I said "oh ya um go get dressed I'm taking you to the movies." He announced. "Why?" I asked "just go get ready! He told me" "Ok fine." I went upstairs and I thought. I know about the party and the cake but the movies? Why is he taking me to the movies?

I went to my walk in closet and I spun around. What should I wear? I got a purple dress out and I put it on. "Yikes I need to shave!" I went in to the bathroom and turned on the faucet. Got my razor and started to shave.

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