Hate Filled With Love

Lacey was never a people person, every day she would sit alone. But then what happens when she meets 5 new boys? She then starts to take things further with Harry.....


10. Where are you going

"I'm going for a walk" he muttered


I looked down sadly. I thought he would be happy, I guess not.


5 hours later........

"Where's Harry, he's missing" everyone asked

"That might be my fault" I said guilty

"Why" they asked curiously

"Well I told him I was pregnant...SHUTUP. And he said he was going for a walk"

We decided to split up- Me, Dani, Alice, Perrie and Eleanor. Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn.


We looked around town, asked around but nothing. We looked in the park and decided to give up but not me. they stayed with me because I was pregnant and they weren't leaving me in the dark. "HARRY" I screamed. someone sat up so I decided to sit next to him. "sorry for earlier I had to think, I was shocked but I knew it was coming" he explained "I know that ok but I need your help with it all" I said "Yep was planning on it" he laughed kissing me.

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