Hate Filled With Love

Lacey was never a people person, every day she would sit alone. But then what happens when she meets 5 new boys? She then starts to take things further with Harry.....


16. Turned off

I sat next to Casey with Tom in harry and i's arms.

"we are turning off the machine at 11am to see if she will make it...if not we are sorry." she said sympathetically.

Zayn, Louis, Liam, Niall, Danielle, Eleanor, Perrie and Alice all comforted me including Harry.


It was 10:55 am so everyone left except me and harry.

"Lacey what ever happens I will always love you" he kissed my fore head

"Me too" I smiled weakily



The nurse came and I collapsed into harry. I couldn't look I held her tiny fingers and closed my eyes into harry.

"3...2.....1" she counted down



It was all silent, I no what that means...

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