Hate Filled With Love

Lacey was never a people person, every day she would sit alone. But then what happens when she meets 5 new boys? She then starts to take things further with Harry.....


5. No Leave me alone

Once we had showered and got ready, we sat down and had popcorn along with a movie. Then we heard a fist slamming on a door, we opened the door to reveal.... Dad..... Shit. "GET YOUR ASS BACK HOME NOW" he screamed into the house. "NO LEAVE ME ALONE"  I yelled at him. The he did the predictable, punched me right in the face while me going black.



I woke up in a white room smelling like a hospital. "Hello" I moaned. "Yes love, hang on I will get a nurse" a girl came in behind him. "Do you remember anything" she asked sweetly. "no" I replied confused" then she began to tell me what happened. "So your dad came to The house and abused you and........ tried to kill you while kicking you" I was shocked at first then she continued "he has been locked up along with a restraining order for after."


As soon as the nurse left I said "Who are you" as a joke "you don't remember" he looked down sadly. "Of course I do stupid" I laughed while smirking.


The nurse came in and said "You can go home in a couple of hours" she smiled


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