Hate Filled With Love

Lacey was never a people person, every day she would sit alone. But then what happens when she meets 5 new boys? She then starts to take things further with Harry.....


19. My Family

"HARRY" I screamed

I jumped onto him and got dressed.


"Mrs Styles I suggest you get dressed" he smiled

"Its not official yet, don't get to excited" I said as I put on my ring.


"NIALL" I screamed as did for Harry

I hugged him tight and the twins came out

"NIZZA" they screamed as I did


"HAZZA-DAD" they squealed

"My 2 babies" he smiled "I've missed you's all he announced

Me and Harry had to discuss the wedding and about the twins of what to do with them on our special day.


I called everyone and they came to our house

"Ok so this is about the wedding" We started talking

"My best man is Louis" He smiled while Louis cherered "My groomsmen are the boys" they cheekily grinned.

"My Maid of honur is Alice' I smirked "and that makes the girls my bridesmaids" they squealed.

"Perrie you are carrying Casey down the aisle, Eleanor you are carrying tom down and Danielle you are the ring person". Harry and i went to bed.


"We are getting up at 6.00am and leaving" Harry grinned

"Why" I asked

We are going to meet my family" and he ended the conversation



it was a 6 hour drive so we got to Holmes Chapel around 12. Then we rang the door bell and it opened



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