Hate Filled With Love

Lacey was never a people person, every day she would sit alone. But then what happens when she meets 5 new boys? She then starts to take things further with Harry.....


3. Am I Ready?

"So who do you live with" asked curly

"My dad" I replied in an annoyed tone

"Is he nice" asked curly

I told him the whole story about my mum and him being abusive and stuff. He pulled over and turned around and parked out the front of my house. What was he doing?? "Get your stuff and use the window, your living with me. No ifs or Buts" I was surprised, Did I want to live with a stranger?? I packed my stuff making sure dad didn't come in.

Just as I jumped out of the window I hear "LACEY GET HERE NOW, DONT RUN AWAY FROM ME!!" oh shit....."CURLY" he sprinted out of the car and grabbed my stuff, he sped down the road and on to the highway. Goodbye Dad.


He smirked "Loving the nickname" while chuckled. We ditched the party, we had had enough action for today. He hugged me tight never letting me go the whole movie, I had to admit I was scared because if dad followed us.... "Lacey" said Harry interrupting my thoughts "hmmm" I replied. Then he said something I had never expected "I know we have only known each other for a day but I love your personality, attitude and everything about you. Will you be my girlfriend?" I was shocked but happy, Was I ready to have a boy friend? "Yes, Yes Harry I will" he leaned down as I leaned up. I swear there was a spark in the air. He kissed me harder, more passionately. He lead me to his bedroom...






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