Adore You ~Harry Styles Fanfiction~

There's Always A Happy Ending... No Way I Will Never Believe That Shit. I Still Adore You Baby.... I'll Never Forget You. Never!


1. Tickets

Ashely's  P.O.V

"Heading home from work... Yes mom I'm fine.... YES MOTHER I'M DOING GREAT.....*hangs up*

The road gets really bumpy. I ignore it and pick up my speed to get home in my comfy bed. I finally pull up to my driveway. I get my stuff out and collapse on my bed. I quickly go to sleep.

*BEEP BEEP BEEP* I wake up to my loud alarm clock. My phone was starting to ring so I quickly pick it up. " *SCREAM* OMG Ash! I just won One Direction tickets FRONT FUCKING ROW!!!" my best friend Christina says.

"Oh that's great" I say in barely a whisper , because I just got up.  " I'm forcing you to go because they are great and I will show you how." she says sounding stiff. " ugh okay. When is it?" I ask flatly. " Now. So get your ass up and I'll come and pick you up in an hour." I hang up. This is going to be.... Interesting.




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