Who Would Have Known?

You've seen the movie, now its time to know the truth about Elsa and her powers!


2. What am I?

Jack led me through New York to a really quiet, remote part of it. He told me we we're going to a place in Long Island. We walked, well Jack flew, down a paved country road with open land on one side if us and woods on our other side. Jack turned around and faced me.

"Now remember, you are the only person who can see me." Jack said. "These woods are crawling with monsters, so you need to be careful."

"Okay, so what do I do in there?" I asked him.

"Just get into the entrance, okay?"


Jack flew up into the woods. I started to run as fast as I could. As I ran through the woods, I heard noises, but I kept running. My lungs burned as I gasped for air. I could see a abnormally large tree ahead. I started to run faster. Something appeared in front of me. I tripped on it. I threw my arm in front of me, so it would catch me. I hit the ground hard. I looked at my hand. It was scraped and bleeding. Something grabbed my leg and pulled me back. The creature threw me through the air. I hit the ground and let out a shriek of pain. I hit my head off a rock and I couldn't breathe. I pulled my hand up to touch my head. It was all wet. I looked at my hand. It was covered in blood. Someone gently picked me up. He started to run towards the large tree. He entered through the entrance. I continued to gasp for air as he ran down a path.

"Your going to be fine, ok?" The boy reassured me. "My name is Percy. And this is Camp Half-Blood. You'll be told everything once your taken care of."

Percy ran down the path until we exited to woods into an area full of cabins, people, and weapons. Wait, weapons?!? I have no idea where we are, but I'm not liking it. Percy stopped and frantically looked around. People gasped and stood back also looking.

"I NEED SOME APOLLO KIDS!" Percy yelled.

"Coming!" Someone yelled.

Two kids ran up with a stretcher. Percy laid me on the stretcher and helped the other two kids carry me over to a table. A girl with brown, choppy hair ran over.

"Percy, is everything ok? Annabeth is training some newbies" the girl said.

"Piper, can you just reassure her, please?"

"Um, ya" Piper said.

Piper looked at me. "Your going to be fine, ok." One of the two other kids put a mask on my face. It made it easier to breathe.

"Your hair is very pretty. I love the braid!" Piper said. Wow, I'm not sure if she's annoying, or if she's just bad at making people feel ok.

Percy grabbed my arm and started to clean out my bleeding hand. One of the kids was cleaning my head wound. Whatever they were using to clean my wounds, hurt. I looked up at the trees. Jack was looking down from one of them. When he saw I was looking at him, he flew down and stood next to me.

"I told you to be careful." He gave me a reassuring smile." I'll come back later" Then he flew off.

"Her head should be ok. She just needs some nectar." The kid said. "We can just take her to the infirmary."

Percy took the mask off my face and picked me up. He took me into a large room full of injured people. Bunches of beds lined the wall. Percy found an empty one and laid me in it. He was pulling the covers on me as Piper and a blond haired girl walked in.

"Percy! What is going on? You should have been helping me train newbies!" The blonde girl snapped.

"Sorry, Annabeth, I was about to head to the arena but I heard her so I went to help." Percy said cautiously.

"Oh" Annabeth said.

Annabeth walked toward me.

"Percy do you want me to help you clean her up?" Annabeth asked Percy.

"Ya that would be helpful" Percy answered.

Percy, Annabeth, and Piper all started to clean me up as I drifted of into sleep.

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