Who Would Have Known?

You've seen the movie, now its time to know the truth about Elsa and her powers!


3. The Special One

I woke up in the same bed I fell asleep in. They cleaned me up pretty well. There was a table beside me. On it was an orange shirt and a pair of jeans. I felt good enough to get up and go to the bathroom to change. When I put on the orange shirt, I noticed it said 'Camp half-Blood' on it with a little pegasus under the words. I combed out my hair and braided it loosely down the side. I headed out of the Infirmary. I walked out onto the porch. I saw a bunch of kids walking around and training. Ahead I saw Percy, Annabeth, and Piper with a couple other kids. I headed towards them. A blonde-haired boy that was standing by Piper, looked at me. He nudges Piper and pointed at me. Piper smiled.

"Well, someone heals fast!" She said.

I just gave her a small smile.

Percy turned toward me. "We never got your name."

"My name is Elsa" I told them.

"That's a pretty name!" A curly-haired girl said. "I'm Hazel"

I gave a small wave.

"Oh! I'm sorry let me introduce everyone. You already know me, Piper, Annabeth, and Hazel. This- Percy pointed to a curly-haired boy-is Leo, this -Percy pointed to a large boy-is Frank, and lastly is Jason -Percy pointed towards a blonde- haired boy-. They all waved. I waved back.

"So Elsa, have you found your power, yet?" Jason asked.

"Oh I think we should show her our powers, first!" Percy exclaimed.

Everyone nodded at the idea.

Leo went first. He opened his palm and fire started to dance on his hand. Then Frank went. He turned into a bear. Then Percy went. He summoned a large piece of water above his head. Then, Hazel summoned large diamonds and rubies from the Earth. Piper charm spoke one of the campers to climb their cabin, which was really funny. Jason made lightning appear in the sky. Then he shocked Percy, which Percy wasn't to happy about. Annabeth showed me some of her battle skills.

"So do you have powers, yet?" Jason asked again.

I nodded. I opened my palm and a large snowflake floated above it. They started to gasp and whisper. I closed my palm, making the snowflake disappear.

"Is that all you can do?" Jason intimidated.

"No." I snapped back.

I threw my arm up a snowball flew into the air and became one giant snowflake in the sky. I dropped my hand. I started to snow. I looked over my shoulder. Jason was still unimpressed.

"Really? Yes, it's something different but it's not that impressive." Jason said.

I scowled. I became angry.

"You don't understand! The last time I used my powers to its best, I accidentally killed my sister." I said trying not to cry.

Jason just shook his head. All the others just stared at him like he was crazy. Maybe he was. I clenched my fists.

"Fine. Want to see what my powers can do? Okay!"I snapped at Jason. I threw my arm at him and ice quickly formed on his body. Piper gasped.

I let the tears fall. I crossed my arms and hunched my back. I stormed off towards the lake.


I sat on a rock until I heard a bell. It was the dinner bell. I stood up. I walked towards the dining hall. I unfroze Jason when I was out of sight about half an hour ago. When I saw him, I quickly looked down at the ground and walked the other direction. I rand into someone. I fell to the ground.

"Oh! I'm sorry" I apologized. I looked up. It was Leo.

"That was quite a show you put on earlier," Leo said. "Your powers are awesome! I'm just not sure who your parent is." He held out a hand. I took it and he pulled me up.

"Since you don't have a cabin yet, do you want to eat with the Hephaestus cabin?" Leo asked.

"Sure" I replied.

Leo lead me to a table of buff kids. They were a lot different then scrawny Leo. When we sat down little chickens with women's faces, brought us food. We had a cheeseburger with French fries. Leo got up.

"Come on we need to make a sacrifice to the gods. Maybe then you'll be claimed." Leo said.

I followed Leo to a big fire he dumped some of his fries into the fire. I did the same. I felt a cold chill. Weird, I don't feel cold chills. Everyone gasped. I looked up. Everyone was looking at me. I looked above my head. A giant blue snowflake was above my head. And it wasn't mine. I couldn't move it. Chiron the centaur walked over to me. He seemed just as surprised as everyone else.

"Hail Elsa, daughter of Boreas, the ice god." Chiron announced.

When the snowflake disappeared I went back to Leo's table. Only this time I scooted to the end away from everyone.


After dinner I quietly walked out of the dinner hall. I didn't see Jack. Where did he go? All of a sudden I felt someone push me. I fell to the ground. I looked up. It was Jason.

"Jason!" Percy called.

"We have battled a daughter of Boreas before." Jason told me. "You guys are cold and evil. You were probably sent to destroy this camp weren't you!"

I stood up. "No, i just came across this place, I swear."

"Jason! Leave her alone. She is nothing like her father or sister, I can tell." Percy told Jason.

Jason turned toward Percy. "I don't need your opinion." Then Jason grabbed Percy's arm and a spark flashed on Jason's hand. Percy fell to the ground.

"Percy!" I yelled.

Jason turned toward me. He grabbed my arm. I grabbed his arm as well. We both released our powers. I didn't have enough time to freeze him before the electricity spread throughout my body. I let go and he let me fall to the ground.

I didn't pass out, it was just difficult to breathe and my vision was blurred. Annabeth ran over and crouched next to Percy who was knocked out. Piper started yelling at Jason. I couldn't hear what they were saying. Piper rolled her eyes at him. She rushed over to me. She was saying stuff I couldn't hear. I looked over, Frank was carrying Percy to the infirmary. Annabeth looked like she was yelling at Jason was yelling back. A group of kids had formed around us, none gear to help. Chiron was running over. A couple kids started to separate Jason and Annabeth. A random kid picked me up and we started to head towards the infirmary. Again.

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