Who Would Have Known?

You've seen the movie, now its time to know the truth about Elsa and her powers!


5. Home at Last

I miss home. I miss Anna. I hate being a demigod. My life sucks.

This is what I thought about all night. Tomorrow we were taking a plane to a town a couple miles away from Airendale and taking a boat the rest of the way. I was afraid of what I'd find. A horrible image of Anna frozen sprang into my head. I shook it out of my head and fell asleep.


I woke up to Percy shaking my shoulder.

"Quite the cabin you got," He told me.

"Thank you," I answered.

"No problem, but you should probably get ready to go. The plane leaves in two hours."

"Okay," I said as I got out of bed.

Percy walked to the door and opened it. "And don't forget to eat breakfast!" He said as he walked out.

I sighed. I packed all my stuff and headed out the door to go to the dinning hall. When I arrived, I saw Chiron, Percy, Annabeth, and Mr. D eating breakfast.

Mr.D was the first to see me. "Oh, look it's the new girl Ellie. Come join us," he said.

"It's Elsa, actually," I corrected.


I sat down by Annabeth as a nymph brought me food. I ate in silence listening to Percy, Annabeth, and Chiron talk about problems in camp.

After awhile, a car pulled up and a guy got out. As I looked closer at him, I noticed that his body was covered in eyes.

"Ummmmm..." Was all I could manage to say.

"It's ok, He's Argus. He's our security guard," Annabeth explained.

"Ya, come on we need to go!" Percy told us.

I grabbed my stuff and got up. Percy was already in the car. Annabeth started toward the car and I followed her.


On the plane, nothing much happened. I guess Percy didn't like planes because he was looking out the window every few seconds and shaking a bit. There was a bit of lightning that flashed every once and awhile, It seemed to make Percy nervous. The ride lasted about 3 hours, but I slept through most of it. When I woke, we had landed.

"Wow," Annabeth said, "I thought it was summer here!"

I looked out the window and gasped.

"Well, I may have accidentally froze the land," I answered

"That, my friend, is an understatement," Percy said.

We gathered all of our stuff and headed to the boat. It wasn't long before the image of Airendale appeared through the snow. My whole body was numb. I didn't want to know what I was going to see. I didn't realize I was trembling. Annabeth and Percy both studied me with concerned looks. I looked down and a snowflake had formed at my feat. I wrapped my arms around my body and closed my eyes.

"Airendale!" Called the captin of the boat.

We grabbed all of our stuff. Thankfully, not a lot of people were out in the streets.

"We can take our stuff to the stables for now." I said as I made a left to the Royal Stables.

"Alright," They both answered.

After we dropped off our stuff we headed to the gates. On the way there, I saw a buff, blonde boy. I then remembered that he was the boy that came with Anna to my ice castle. He caught my eye.

"Elsa!" He called.

I turned and faced him. "Who are you?" I asked.

"My name is Kristoff. I'm a friend of Anna's. Where is she? Is she ok?"

"I'm not sure where he is and I'm not aware of her condition." I told him, "But we are going to find her. Would you like to join us?"

Kristoff seemed a bit worried. He liked down for a short moment. Then, he looked back up at me.

"Yeah, I'll join you." He said.

___________________________________________________We approached the gates.

"How are we going to get in?" Percy asked.

"Ummm, I'm not sure actually," I answered.

With out thinking I put my hand to the door and ice started to form. I pushed forward and the gate broke.

I turned around and Percy and Annabeth were wide-eyed.

"Well, problem solved," I said as I walked through the broken gate.


I didn't see any guards. I wondered where they were. We were walking through the halls. Up ahead I saw a lonely white door decorated with blue designs. I walked towards it. When I reached the door, I gently moved my fingers over the designs.

"Guys, keep looking. I need to do something," I told them.

They all stayed quiet and just nodded. I turned away and opened the door to my bedroom. The room was dim. It felt weird being in there. It didn't feel like mine anymore. I looked at my bed. On it laid my coronation dress and my tiara. I moved my hand over the dress. I grabbed the dress and brought it into my bathroom. I put the dress on and did my hair the way my mother always wore it and the way I wore it for my coronation. When I was finished, I carefully placed the tiara on top. I walked out of my room and started to look for Percy, Kristoff, and Annabeth. Soon enough, I found them roaming the halls.

"Find anything?" I called.

They all turned around quickly.

"No," Annabeth told me.

"You changed?" Percy asked.

"Does it matter?" I asked.

"No, no," Percy answered, "Let's go."

We started walking through the dim hallway once again, when we heard talking. It was muffled, but I knew it was Hans.

"Before we go and just barge in, can you tell us exactly what happened?" Annabeth asked.

I sighed and lifted my hand. I created a storyline of snow explaining what led up the events that happened. After it was over, I swiped the image away with my hand.

I started to walk towards the door, "There, now you know. Let's go."

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