Who Would Have Known?

You've seen the movie, now its time to know the truth about Elsa and her powers!


4. Back to Airendale

Every minute I was in the infirmary, I kept thinking Jason was going to walk through the door. I turned around so if he did come in I wouldn't see him. I laid there and thought about what to do. I couldn't just sit here and do nothing while that jerk, Hans, takes over my kingdom. He also can't get away with killing Anna. My body ached, but I forced myself to get up. I limped towards the door. I peaked out into the center of camp. No sign of Jason, but yet, no sign of Percy. I spotted Hazel. She was walking towards the Big House. I started towards her.

"Hey, Hazel" I asked when I was about 3 feet away from her.

"Oh, hi Elsa!" Hazel said. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, but where's Percy?"

"He's in his cabin with Annabeth"

"Ok thanks" I said as I started towards the Poseidon cabin.

When I got there, I knocked on the floor. Percy answered.

"Oh, hi Elsa! Is anything wrong?"

"Well, kind of." I said. "I need to go to Norway."

"Umm why Norway?"

"It's hard to explain. May I come in?"

Percy nodded. He opened the door wider and gestured for me to come in. I walked in and sat next to Annabeth on the couch.

"So what about going to Norway?" Percy asked.

"Well, there's a place called Airendale. That's where I come from. I need to go back there because it has been taken over by this jerk, who also let my sister die.

"But how will you going back there help?" Annabeth asked.

"It will help because I'm their queen."

Annabeth and Percy's jaw dropped.

"Your a queen?!?" Percy asked.

"Yes, I need to return to my kingdom. That jerk convinced my people that he's their king. He is not. He doesn't deserve such a wonderful kingdom, like Airendale."

We'll do what we can do to help you, El- should I call you Queen? or..." Percy asked.

"No, no" I replied. I was quite surprised he would ask such a question. "I'm not your queen."

"Right," Percy said. "I just didn't know if-"

"Anyway" Annabeth interrupted." I'll talk to Chiron in the morning. Do you have a place to sleep? Because Boreas doesn't exactly have a cabin."

"No, but that shouldn't be a problem for me" I told her. I started to think about my giant ice castle, back in Airendale. "I can make my own."

I walked out of the Poseidon cabin. I searched for an empty spot of land to make my cabin. I found a big enough spot next to the Nemesis cabin. I kept the image of what I wanted it to look like. I opened my palm. The snow flake appeared on it, dancing around my palm. I imagined a large slab of ice that will be used as the floor. I threw my hand toward the ground. The ice appeared. People gasped behind me. I turned toward the crowd. All their jaws were dropped. I turned toward my slab of ice.

Well, I thought, I might as well give them a show...

I imagined a small version of my ice castle. I stepped onto the big piece of ice. I forced ice to form around me. Soon enough, I had a cabin/castle. I walked inside ignoring the whispers and the surprised expressions from the campers. I was going home...

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