Shattered (a lesbian story)

Brooklyn is a closet lesbian. The only people who know her sexuality are the street people; she is a stripper. It is the only way she can make money, and she hates it. When she meets Clara, things seem to get infinitely better. But what is Clara is into Brooklyn's brother? How will this tragically beautiful story end?


1. My Life

(WARNING: This story may contain foul language and sexual content) 
Hello, my name is Brooklyn Savage but people just call me Brook. I have a secret. I am a lesbian. See, my family and friends don't know I'm lesbian, and I plan to keep it that way. They don't even know my day job...or should I say night job? 
I'm not the kind of person to do the dirty on a first date usually, but my job as a stripper doesn't really help my cause. To be honest, I'm actually quite shy. I keep to myself and I am a true nerd at heart. My parents would never guess my sexuality, but I know someone who could. 
My brother has always been closest to me out of everyone I know. We share everything together, and he's always supportive. He's actually guess that I like girls a few times, but I never really responded. Truth is, it scares the shit out of me. I should be used to it, but I'm not. I can't be. I will never be comfortable in my own skin knowing that I am a sin in my parents' eyes. I am a failure to my friends and family. If they knew, they would want me dead. 
So I don't tell them. I never will. 


Sorry that was super short. I am writing this story because I am pro LGBT and if you are not, you might as well stop reading this. It will get better! The chapters will get longer! Love you all, truly,


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