Shattered (a lesbian story)

Brooklyn is a closet lesbian. The only people who know her sexuality are the street people; she is a stripper. It is the only way she can make money, and she hates it. When she meets Clara, things seem to get infinitely better. But what is Clara is into Brooklyn's brother? How will this tragically beautiful story end?


3. Chapter Two

Brook's PoV


Clara Darens was here. She was in this library, and in the same aisle that I'm in. Shit, what do I do? Do I talk to her? Ignore her? Keep walking? 

I was gonna go with the last option, but then I saw The Fault in Our Stars was right under where Clara was standing. That little bitch of a book was under Ge instead of Gr like it should be! Of course, it's only my luck. I'm definitely gonna screw this up. 

"Oh, Brooklyn, hey! Fancy seeing you here. I was actually just hanging out with your brother!" Clara said, faking an excited face. I didn't know how to respond. She acknowledged me! 

I kinda sound pathetic, but being a stripper, it's weird to actually like someone your own age. I smiled nervously at Clara. 

"Y-you can call me Brook. Uh, yeah, my brother s-said something about that. I mean, hanging with you. I can't remember what he said, but you're really hot. I m-mean, um, in a good way! Not trying to be creepy but Justin was right. You are beautiful and um..." I almost cringed at my own awkwardness. Literally, I am social suicide. Clara obviously noticed how awkward I am. She smirked evilly, which really didn't suit her.

"Justin said you were a freak...I guess he was right," she laughed. I immediately lost all confidence, rapidly becoming self-conscious. It normally wouldn't really bother me if someone said this, but when it's your crush (of the same gender) it's a little bit off-putting. She seemed like a nice girl, but she was slowly growing devil horns. 

"S-sorry," I shrugged, looking down and wishing with all my might that I could just disappear. Maybe if I thought really hard on it, I could just open my eyes and be back in the safety of my bedroom. But no. That would never happen. 

When I looked back up, Clara had her back turned to me. "We-well I guess I'll see you later?"

She laughed at this, "Don't count on it. I hang with Justin, not you." With that, she stalked away. I sighed, leaned down, and pulled the book off of the shelf. Well, that went well. 




I couldn't stop thinking about Clara's words as I drove home. Did Justin really think I was a freak? I mean, I am...but he's my brother! He's not supposed to think that of me! Clara obviously wasn't my biggest fan, but who is? She must've figured out my sexuality. I mean, what girl who is not lesbian would ever call a female stranger hot? 

It really nagged me. I would far prefer she ignored me rather than hate me. I'm a decent person during the day. It's only at night that I become...y'know. 



I tried my damn best to push the Clara situation into the back of my mind, and I did a good job. I busied myself with playing soccer (American soccer btw) and I actually made a few goals. Well, there was only one other person playing, so if I didn't make any goals it would be kinda depressing. I was playing with Justin, and he's a fucking bullet when it comes to running, so there was no way I was gonna out-run him. 

Also, I did have to bite my tongue while trying not to ask why he called me a freak, but I decided to ignore it. Sticks and stones might break my bones but words will never hurt me. 


I was off today, which gave me time to rest my sore body. My body is always sore, considering my prostitute lifestyle is not only for women to take pleasure in. Last night, a man gave me a generous amount of money ($60) but I had to do everything he said. I have never regretted any moment in my life more than I regret that. 

On a different topic, I saw Clara today. She looked completely fake when she acted excited to see me, but she had to act like that. After all, she was around Justin. Justin was trying to make two separate worlds clash...and it was a giant fail. Our worlds don't mix. Never have, and they most absolutely never will. 




That was another sucky chapter! I'm so sorry guys! It really will get better, I swear! But how 'bout Clara-bitch? She's not as sweet as she seems. Question of the day: do you watch YouTubers? If so, who? Leave a comment telling me please, cuz I love seeing you guys comment! Also, vote if you liked it! Love you all to bits! Xoxo


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