Shattered (a lesbian story)

Brooklyn is a closet lesbian. The only people who know her sexuality are the street people; she is a stripper. It is the only way she can make money, and she hates it. When she meets Clara, things seem to get infinitely better. But what is Clara is into Brooklyn's brother? How will this tragically beautiful story end?


2. Chapter One

Brook's PoV


(WARNING: Mature content! Sorry to have it in the first chapter, but this story is about a lesbian stripper! I have to put it in!)

"Brook! Before you leave for work, remember to go by the library and get Carter's book," my mom ordered. I smiled sweetly at her, ignoring the fact that I had a "meeting" with a woman today. 
Carter is my little sister and she is obsessed with books. She once told me that she was reading a book about a gay couple, but she said not to tell Mom and Dad. I almost laughed and said that she had nothing to worry about as far as I was concerned. Mom and Dad would kill me if they ever knew the truth. 
"Yeah, I'll get her book. No problem!" I was supposed to be "meeting" with this woman in 15 minutes. It's gonna be at her place, so I have to leave right now. I'll be walking, since she's local and only a few blocks away. I don't wanna go. I never do wanna go.
"Okay, Mom, I have to go to this children's party!" That's what my parents think I do for a living. I find it funny that they think that.
"Okay, sweetheart. Have fun!" Dad called after me. 
"I will!" Just as I was leaving, Justin bumped into me. Justin is my brother, and he's cool. He doesn't mind homosexuality, but I still won't come out I him. No one will ever know. I'll force myself to either become straight or move to Antarctica where no one will find me. 
"Heya, sis! Where you going in such a hurry? Got a date?"
Yes, I internally replied. Huffing, I said, "No, I have a children's party to attend. It's BYOS, Bring Your Own Sanity, so wish me luck!"
"Good luck! Oh, wait, do you mind dropping me off at Clara's. I'm working on a project with her."
My stomach twisted in a knot at the thought of those two working together. There was something about Clara that made me wanna know her better, but I never got the chance. 
Stupid idiot! You can't get close with Clara and develop a crush on a straight girl! My conscience decided to act against me, and I couldn't push it aside. Instead, I simply nodded and smiled, "Sure, I'll drop you off! It's right on my way to this party."


Clara met Justin outside of her house, hugging his neck and giggling at him. It wasn't an annoying giggle, but a true one. It was one you could listen to for hours and never get tired of. I waited in the car until Justin waved for me to go. I gave him a small smile, and Clara ignored me, hugging my brother tightly. It just looked...wrong. I shook my head, driving off in the direction of this girl's house. 


I was late, so that meant I wouldn't get paid as much but I didn't care. I had to drop my brother off, but there wasn't enough time to explain to this woman. She was very inpatient. As soon as I was in the door, her mouth was on mine. I can't say I enjoyed the fact that I could have ten different STDs right now and I wouldn't know, but how else should I make money for college? My parents certainly won't, and I refuse to be flipping burgers! Plus, I couldn't even get a job at McDonalds. This was my best option. 
The girl moaned into my mouth, grabbing my cleavage at the same time. I could tell she was excited by the eager pace she was moving at, but I had to move up to pleasure my customer...if that's what you call them. 
Before I had time to even think about it, both of us had our clothes off. She was definitely excited. Deciding to heat this up a bit more, I pushed her against the couch and straddled her. I grinded against her naked lower body, and she moaned, taking my nipple in her mouth. I let out a throaty groan, satisfying her. I felt bad, considering I didn't even know her name, but I guess that's the price of secrecy. 


I woke up the next day feeling sore and slightly agitated. Shit! I forgot the library book! 
I'm home now, and all of the memories of last night came flooding back. Fingers between thighs, nails on the skin, screams into the night...but I was disgusted with myself. How could I be so desperate? I was low on human standards, but yet I continue to do what I do. Why?
I sighed, getting up from bed. I didn't need to shower, since I showered when I got home last night, but I did have to go to the library. I dressed in some yoga pants and a baggy shirt, not giving a shit on how I looked. I'm not trying to attract anyone, so why should I try? 
I glanced at the Notes icon on my phone, seeing the name of the book that I was getting for Carter. It was The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Hm, sounds interesting for someone who actually reads. I find reading pointless and stupid. There's just no reason behind it. It takes up time, and any book worth reading will just have a movie coming out, so what's the point? (A/N these are not my thoughts at all! Character development)

"Hi," I said to the lady behind the counter, "I'd like to get a book. It's called The Fault in Our Stars by John Green."
"Ah, yes, that is a popular one. Just look in Adult Romance under Gr and it should be there!"
"Thank you," I said, walking in the direction of Adult Romance. When I arrived, you will never believe who I saw there! 



Ok, so sorry this took so long to go up! And also it seems kinda short and rushed to me. And sorry about the mature content in the first chapter. Ugh! It was terrible, but thank you for reading! I love you guys always! Please vote and comment if you liked it! Love always, xoxo

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