Alice In One Direction Land

I bet all of you guys have heard the story alice in wonderland but I'm sure you guys haven't heard about Alice in one direction land. One direction land I so fun and exiting super mystical creatures fairies, mermaids, et. To top that all one direction are there.


1. Chapter 1:

Alice POV: 

" Alice come on hurry the princess ball starts at 3:00 o,clock and it is 1:00 o,clock. " my mom yelled. " I know please forgive me " I said throwing on my dress. I am going to a royal ball and I'm a princess so I have to go. I put on my high heels and then my royal makeup and hair person came in her name is carmen. After I hurried down the stairs to my mom. My sister was down there talking to my mom. " I'm ready " I said. My mom is the queen and my sister is the soon to be queen, my mom got cancer and she has 50 days to live. I know its sad. We walked I to the carriage and we went off. The horses were riding is got he ball but we were in the carriage the horses were pulling us. " did you wear tights?" My mom asked. " umm no mother " I said. My mom pulled my dress up and sighed. " be carefull then " she said. " yeah" i said back. We got to the place and walked in. Everyone soon stared at us. I sat down. I don't really like bieng royal because I can't do anything fun. I can't even listen to my favorite band called one direction because it's not royal so I have to hear boring music. I sat in the chair and sighed and put my head down in my hands. I closed my eyes and I fell asleep. I woke up by mom shaking me. " honey you can't fall asleep " my mom said. I sighed once more. " I'll go outside for a minute ok mother " I said and she shook her head. I went outside and stared. It is kinda cold. I was about to go inside when I saw a white rabbit wearing a vest and had a clock and saying times running out tick tick tick. I went after it. It ran away from me but I kept on chasing it. It's a wierd rabbit talking and all. I soon catched up to the white rabbit and it said the same worlds again times running out tick tick tick. Then it went inside a hole. I looked through it. I went on my knees and it looked steep. I looked a bit further in when I fell down the hole. 

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