Dangerously In Love (16+) [Finished]

{Warning; Explicit content, Graphic sex scenes, regular swearing} I walked down the ally way trying to be as quiet as possible but then I hear a BANG, so I run but I see someone behind me running way faster than me, the person catches up to me and grabs me and holds me with one hand on one side of my arm and the other of the other side of me but all I see is some curly hair and green eyes.


14. Sorry Guys!!

So Freaking sorry guys II haven't put a new chapter in a LONG time is cause I have a huge test in like 2 weeks (PSSA's) and I have to study. But cause tomorrow I nothing better to do after school, I'll draft something and finish it up before I go to sleep. Btw I can't update on Saturdays sometimes because I babysit my nephew. So I'm going to write a little right now and publish it tomorrow night!

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