Dangerously In Love (16+) [Finished]

{Warning; Explicit content, Graphic sex scenes, regular swearing} I walked down the ally way trying to be as quiet as possible but then I hear a BANG, so I run but I see someone behind me running way faster than me, the person catches up to me and grabs me and holds me with one hand on one side of my arm and the other of the other side of me but all I see is some curly hair and green eyes.


17. Mr.Cuddles

Sams POV

I woke up and nudged Harry, he groaned. "Get up hoe!" He turned his head a looked at me and fell back to sleep. I pushed him off the bed. "AHHH" he yelled. I smiled and just laughed at him, but then I remembered I saw him with Kendall,  "Harry what were you doing at Kendall's place?" He gave a loud sigh. "I was at the pub and I just needed at little something." I rolled my eyes once he finished. He needed at little something so he couldn't call me me, whatever he can just fuck off.

I walked into the bathroom and took a shower. I got dressed into some running clothes and I put my hair into a ponytail. I go down stairs and grab a water bottle, I walk past Harry and just sprint for the door but he stops me.

"Where are you going?"

"Running now please move."

"Okay." He moved

I headed out the door and starting running towards Kendall's house, I need to speak to her like now since I'm not with Harry by my side. 

I get to her door and ring the door bell, Kylie opened the door. "Hey Kylie is Kendall home?"

"Uh Yeah, come in."  

I walked inside and just stood there, she came down stairs and smiled. I just stared, Harry with that..ummm no! "Hey Sam, what's the problem?"

"Just stopping by from my morning run and to ask, if you are going out with Harry?

She rolled her eyes, "No were a-a-are not." She is lying, she stutters when she lies.

"Oh okay thanks." I hugged her and ran back to the house.

I walked inside and went to my room, I took another shower and just sat down at my desk. I decided to read The Fault In Our Stars. 

I was getting to page 31 but then Harry stood at my door with a button up, some skinny jeans, and his boots. "Hey Sam, I'm going out, okay." I smiled "Okay love." He kissed me and left. I know he is going to see Kenda-    FUCK IT, WHATEVER I KNOW I'M BECOMING A JEALOUS MESS

I took my clothes, laptop, and phone. I called a taxi and headed back to my place. Once I got in the taxi my phone rang, "Hello?"

"Hey Ham!"

"Oh hey broo!"

"Wanna meet tomorrow for a coffee or something?"

"Sure why not, well I have to go!! BYEE!"


He hung up! I can't wait to see him! I got to my flat and I just spun around. I am hardly ever alone, I grab my laptop and started to listen to music while cleaning..I cleaned my room and everything! I have so much extra time sometimes!

I finished and I just plopped onto my bed, I was dead tired. I went to sleep with my favorite bear, Mr.cuddles, I've had him since I was 5. I close my eyes and immediately went to sleep. 

I woke up and all I remember is that I had a dream that  I was kidnapped by Harry but instead he beat me instead. I was bruised all over my body, and that's all. I woke up in a mess, I was choking Mr.cuddles. This is driving me insane, I need Harry. I called him.

"Hello?" His raspy voice came through the phone.

"Hey Harry its Sam."

"Hey whats wrong." He groaned

"Can you come to my flat, I'm having bad dream."

"Okay, I'll be right there."  He is having his little smiled, I can tell.

*few minutes later* He knocked on my door, I opened it and he picked me up bridal style, and putting me in bed with his arm wrapped around me... I can't tell if I loved him but he smelt like Kendall...


I'm so flipping sorry, I haven't updated in awhile because I keep getting crazy reading homework!!! I hope you like it.. and this like book fandom need a name, or like Harry and Sams they need a shipping name! Come up with one :DD I love yaaa xx


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