Dangerously In Love (16+) [Finished]

{Warning; Explicit content, Graphic sex scenes, regular swearing} I walked down the ally way trying to be as quiet as possible but then I hear a BANG, so I run but I see someone behind me running way faster than me, the person catches up to me and grabs me and holds me with one hand on one side of my arm and the other of the other side of me but all I see is some curly hair and green eyes.


19. Meeting

Sams POV

*Next day*

 I woke up with Dylan next to me, I think he slept over. I really don't remember but I have a hang over out the ass. I groaned at reached for my phone and I decided to call Harry.

"Hello Harry?" 

"Hello?" A girl picked up, most like to be Kendall.

"Is Harry there?"

"Yeah!" She gave the phone over to Harry.

"Hello Sam." He groaned

"Uh why did Kendall pick up the phone?"

" I'm so sor-" I cut him off

"Harry don't ever try to talk to me ever again." 

   Before he could say anything I hung up and cuddled with Dylan which made  him wake up, "Um Sam, you okay?" I just nodded at he hugged me close to his chest. We stayed like that for a little bit but then Dylan got up, "I have to deal with things.." I didn't want to speak so I nodded and he left.

I can't stay in bed, I grabbed my blanket and headed for the couch. I turned on the TV, I flipped through the channel an found Lilo & Stitch.  "YAY!!" I freaking love this movie (If anyone realized, in Lilo's sisters room she had a poster of Mulan!) 

*After the movie* I grabbed my phone to see 15 missed calls from Harry. I ignored them all, I couldn't stand to take to him at this moment. I took a shower and put on my leather jacket, my Beatles muscle shirt, and my combat boots.. Since Harry got me a new car. I drove to Simon's house I know where he lives.    

 I got there and rang his door bell. He opened the door. "Hello, who are you?"  Yeah he still didn't know who I am,  " I'm Harrys gir-, I mean ex-girlfriend since this morning, Sam"    "Oh."    "Is today the meeting?"    "Yeah come in Sam."  

 I walked inside and sat on the couch, he talked to me about Harry for like 2 hours I swear but then the door bell rang. Harry was at the door, I got up and stood in front of him. He wrapped his arms around me.

 He kissed my forehead and said " I love you not Kendall."   I smile

 *After the talk with Simon and Harry*

 Harry was jumping up and down, "YEAHHH!"  I just laughed at him then Simon came from behind me "We will get to out as soon possible." Harry and him shook hands, me and Harry left. 

 I leaned against his car. "You wanna explain?"  He sighed     "After you left me and Kendall went to her place and she got dressed, then we went to a pub. After that we ended up having sex."  Great

"Just needed to hear it, and the thing I said is still on, bye."


I was babysitting so this chapter is not as long, and my mom didn't tell me I was. :P I'll put one up later.

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