Dangerously In Love (16+) [Finished]

{Warning; Explicit content, Graphic sex scenes, regular swearing} I walked down the ally way trying to be as quiet as possible but then I hear a BANG, so I run but I see someone behind me running way faster than me, the person catches up to me and grabs me and holds me with one hand on one side of my arm and the other of the other side of me but all I see is some curly hair and green eyes.


28. Jail

Harrys POV

Sam jumped up and down, her curls were bouncing. My gosh she is beautiful. I jumped up and held her down, "Hey don't get to excited." I kissed her forehead. She giggled and wriggled out of my hands and ran up stairs to get ready.

I sighed and quiet crept my way up the stairs. I was around the corner of the door and the door was cracked open, I could see her in her only wearing her bra and knickers. I slowly opened the door and grabbed her, I pulled her over my shoulder. She was screaming like crazy and hitting my back.

I put her down and she gave me a stern look. "Why did you do that!?!?" She looked so funny but I couldn't help but fall down and laugh.

She sat on me and patted my head. "Let me get ready you butt face." She got up and ran into the closet.  I got up and went to my radio I have in my room for some reason, I connected my phone and put Car Radio on by Twenty One Pilots. She came around the corner of the closet. " I LOVE THIS SONG!"

She came out in some jeans,black vans and T.O.P (Twenty One Pilots) muscle tank. She spun around, "You like?" I nodded and she came up to me. "LEGO!" She made the beat while going down the stairs.

Sams POV

We made it to Gemma's place and I stood there in shock, her house is like fucking Never Land like damnnnnn. I swear Harry's family is like rich or some shit like for reals.

I walked inside. I was greeted by a girl with purpleish hair, I guess that's Gemma. "Sam this is Gemma Styles, my sister." Harry points out. I smile.

She grabs my hand and drags me into a room. There was posters every where. "Sam, this used to be Harry's room when he lived with me, I'm the youngest by the way." 

Harry was banging on the door. "GEMMA DON'T YOU DARE!" I was laughing. "Harry hates when I bring his girls in here, because he says it makes him uncool." She looks at the door, we stay in the room for like 2 hours I swear.

We come out the room to see Harry passed out the floor, me and Gemma look at each other.

"Do you have a big rug?" I asked while rubbing my hands together. She claps her hands and runs back into Harry's room, she comes out with a rug. "Harry had this but never used it."

We lay the rug and roll Harry on one side and we start rolling him up. We grab some duck tape and put tape all around it. Me and Gemma high five each other. We go to the living with soda, chips, and candy. She puts on Ariel. "Disney Marathon?" I nodded and she comes and sits next to me.

Through the movie Harry kept groaning but then he yelled. I looked at Gemma. "I think its time!" We jump up and run to Harry. To try to stand him up. I giggle "Harry what in the living hell happened?" He look at me, "Oh like you don't know." Me and Gemma run, Harry is wobbling behind up and he falls over.

"Well this was fun! Lets get Harry in the car." 

We try to carry Harry into his car but finally we get him in the backseat and me and Gemma say our goodbyes and trade numbers.

I drive to Harry's place. I arrive  the house and I walk to the backseat and push Harry through the other door on the other side. He stands straight, I have to help him through the door.

"Wait here." He stands still. I run to the kitchen and get a knife. I cut the duct tape off and release him from his jail cell. He grabs me and puts me over his shoulder, up to the room.

He throws me onto the bed, "I'm tired, lets sleep." I was pretty tired. "Okay, come here!" He kicks his shoes off and falls asleep with me.


I like writing like this!! I got the idea from Bad, but anyways hope you like this chapter.......and follow my NEW twitter. It's like a fan one @Marcelskittycat.

I bet the chapter title made you freak ahahahhaha.




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