The Joker Returns

The Joker has escaped Arkham Prison and threatened young Avery Wayne, Selina and Bruce Wayne's daughter, in hopes the Batman will stand out and save her, technically bringing him back from the dead, not that he knows. But will Bruce accidentally reveal himself in the process? Will Batman "return from the dead"?


1. One

  Bruce looks at his beloved daughter, smiling widely. She runs around the yard, long legs taking her as fast as they could, chasing after nothing in particular.
"Avery, come in, Manny has finished dinner," calls Selina. Manny is Bruce's butler, who's not a bad cook, but the opposite. A knife of pain stabs Bruce in the heart and the remembrance of the death of Alfred screams through his brain. He pushes it back and follows his daughter inside.
They all sit down and eat.
"So, Bruce, what's been happening at work lately?" she asks.
"Glad you asked," Bruce replies, taking a bite of lasagna. "I've gotten an offer from Stark Industries, in New York. Stark says he's gonna come up with an idea for a new nuclear weapon and he needs our technology to complete it."
"Hmm. Isn't Stark that Iron Man guy?" says Selina.
"Yeah. He's got some pretty advanced weaponry." 
"Well, I hope you guys do good." Selina smiles.
"Hey daddy?" Avery asks. 
"Yes, Avery?"
"I found this in the backyard," Avery lifts up a small piece of metal in the shape of a bat, with razor sharp edges. "What is it?"
Bruce stares at the bat with terror. He gives Selina a look or worry, but she nods and says, "Bruce, she should know."
"Okay..." He sighs and looks back to his confused daughter. "We'll talk after dinner. Just hand me that, it's sharp."
"Dad, I'd like to know about it now," demands Avery.
"No,  Avery," Selina says.

 After dinner, Selina has a brief conversation with Bruce.
"Honey, you've kept too much from her. She thinks your parents died in a car crash, that I was never a famous jewel theif, or that you were Batman, the man who saved our city!"
"What?" Avery happened to walk by at Selina's last words. "You're Batman?"

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