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2. settling in

The plane ride was boring and I fell asleep. We got off the plane and were headed towards the camp we were staying at. We grabbed a taxi and drove for a while. When we finally got there the sign read "holli hills- camp and national park" we walked into the front office and stopped at the front desk. "Hello! Welcome to holli hills! How can I help you?" The too perky blonde from behind the counter said. "Checking in" faith replied. "Okay cards." She said. I reached into my Vera Bradley side bag and grabbed the cards. She scanned them and said "okay your cabin is number 14. Your sharing with 2 other girls and here's your schedules and settle in for the night. Breakfast starts at 9:00 a.m sharp and then activities start after that! Have fun! Any questions?" "Uh? We don't have camp councilors right?" Faith asked. "Oh no! We expect the 16-18 year olds to behave themselves or not" she said with a wink. Okay gross... "Anyways the rules are in your schedules" she said. We grabbed are bags and said goodbye. We walked to the cabin admiring the beautiful nature as we walked. The beach was right behind our cabin. It was beautiful. We got into our cabin and settled in. The other girls weren't there so we got the better beds. The two top bunks with the window in the middle. The beds were pushed together already. We got out our bed sheets. I tucked in every corner and then plopped down to the extra air out just as the other girls walked in. I got up and smiled at them. They looked nervous but smiled back. One had long brown beautiful hair and pretty brown eyes. The other was blonde with green eyes, her hair was medium length and had dip dye red at the bottom. The were both stunning. I got off my bed. "Hi my names Nevaeh" I said. "And faith is taking a shower..." I said. They smiled " I'm Bella" the brown haired girl said. "And I'm hope." She said. I helped them get settled in and then we talked for a while. "So where are y'all from?" I asked. They giggled "we'll we are from Colorado and I'm guessing 'y'all' are from Texas" hope laughed. "Is our accent that bad?" Faith said. "Not the accent just the y'all" Bella said. We all laughed. We talked for a while longer and then went to bed. This acutely was really fun. I can't wait for tomorrow!

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