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1. leaving

I grabbed my suite case and sighed. I looked back at my room. The grey paint splashing in with the splattered colors all over the walls."Nevaeh come on we're going to be late!" My mom yelled at me from down stairs. I took small steps out my room till I finally ended up out the front door and into my moms truck. My mom hoped into the driver seat and started the car. "Mom? Do I really have to go?" I asked groaning. "We already had this conversation Neveah" she said putting the car into drive and backing out the drive way. "I know but for 3weeks?! And all the way in California! Mom that's far and long!" "It not that long and not that far! It will be an adventure for you! And just think you and your best friend! Faith and you will have a great time! Make friends!" She said. I stayed silent for a while. I felt weird leaving my mom for the first time. It would be just me and faith. By the time I knew it we were at the airport. "Do you want me to go in with you?" She said. "Am I aloud to?" I asked. "Amour for Christ sake your 17 I'm sure you can go in by yourself" she said. Was she trying to get rid of me! I hoped out the car at that note and found faith nearby. "Hey..." She said her voice a little shaky. "Nervous much?" I joked pushing her on the shoulder lightly. "No!" She said back. We got into the airport and showed a lady our tickets and passports and she showed us where to go. I looked around as we waited for the plane. It was going to be late so we had an hour to kill. I saw that big digital board that says all the air plane schedules. "Faith come on! Let's take a picture." I grabbed her wrist and dragged her over. I asked a random fatter lady to take our picture. Never ask someone who can out run you. I turned to the side of faith and put my hands to face and made a surprised look. She Handed back my phone and we looked at the picture. We told the lady thanks and sat back down. "Flight 249 Houston, Texas to Los angles, California now boarding" the loud speaker came in. I stood up with about 40 other people. Me and faith followed the crowd to our plane. I felt my hands shake. I'd never been on a plane before... Nether has faith. I readjusted my hands in my suitcase. "Nervous?" Someone asked behind me. I turned around. There was a tall guy with brown hair and brown eyes. He was about 6" and was wearing a suite. I smiled "that obvious?" "Haha kinda... This is your first time flying?" He asked. "Ya..." I said. We kept walking up towards the plane. "I'm jack by the way. and don't be nervous it's no big deal... If you need anything call me" he said. We got up to the plane and took a seat. I saw jack, he was about 2 rows ahead of me and faith. Maybe mom was right. This might be fun.

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