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3. breakfast

I woke up to the buzzing of my alarm clock. I shut it off and it was 8:25 we had 45 minutes to get ready. I got up and woke up faith, hope and Bella. I strained my brown to blonde ombré hair, did my makeup, and brushed my teeth. It was 8:40 and I still needed to get dressed. I dug into my suite case and found a purple tank top that said PINK in glitter some tights with flowers all over them, and some Jordan's. It was 8:50 when we all left. We all got to breakfast and sat down at a small round table. The food was already set out. Waffles with eggs and bacon. We dug in and half way through our meal a short guy with brown Justin Bieber hair and blue eyes came on to the stage. He grabbed the mike and started to speak "hey guys my names tyler and I am the head leader for the 16-18 year old holli hills camp" a few people cheered. "Okay so I don't want to be that boring guy who's sits around telling y'all what not to do so our activities today are boating which includes banana boating, tubing and knee boarding, um the beach of course, our handmade lazy river, and of course those boring people whose mom dragged them here you can always stay in your cabin and I don't know play with your selfs" he said. Everyone burst into laughter. Tyler just stood there not really knowing what had happened. After about 10 seconds of thinking he started to laugh himself. "Okay you dirty little minded people after you finish and we hand you a map your off on your own. The map dose however have an emergency camp number. Oh and sorry to break it to you guys but there is one rule... And it ls a big one. You absolutely can not break it! Under any circumstances." He said his facing becoming serious. He paused for a while leaving everyone to wonder. A whole bunch of lady's ran in and past out our maps, still leaving us wonder... "Have fun!" He yelled. And with that everyone got up yelled and ran out the doors including us 4. We all stopped outside the doors and decided on what we wanted to do. The lazy river because we figured everything else would be crowded. And I am so glad we picked that too.

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