2nd chances

Hi. I'm Lia but you can call me LI. I'm 4 and a half.My birthday is august 29,2010. I live in a orphanage.my favorite things are drawing and writing.Oh I forgot to mention,I have a big sister here to.She is 6,her name is Ashlynn.Im deaf.What happens when one day one direction and 5sos are looking for 2 girls to adopt?read and find out.
-I always read the fan fictions about deaf children and I wanted to try.Tell me how I'm doing!!��


3. no damage Done

Liam's POV

Lia started writing shakily on her note pad

'Daddy,I'm sorry!please don't leave me!'she started to cry

'Why would daddy ever leave his most favorite baby girl in the world?!

'Because my real daddy AND mummy left me!'

'I will never ever leave you!'


'Promise' she then climbed up my lap and sat down facing me and she gave me a hug and rested her head on my shoulder.I then heard little baby snores.

"Are we there yet?"

"We've been here,we just thought that the chat you guys were having was important"Zayn said,I nodded.

When we got into the hospital the boys and Ashlynn went to the waiting room.I on the other Hand walked op to the front desk,there sat a young girl in her early 20's.She kept on flirting with me and it got annoying!

"Are you quite done yet?!"

"Your hot when your mad!"I sighed annoyed and walked away with my baby girl.I saw a older women so I went up to her

"Excuse me ms.?"

"Yes young man?"

"Um I went up to the front desk and the girl kept talking and talking not even wondering what my problem was.My baby girl is deaf and she didn't see the cars and I grabbed her and dove and she was holding my phone and it broke in her hand!"I tried explaining

"Oh lord!come with me and I'll get you on the next spot!"I then followed her up to the front desk where the girl sat

"Ariana,Hun,can you go check up on Peyton Davis in room 306?"

"I'd love to"she winked and I rolled my eyes,she then walked away and bumped into me waking up Lia she had teary eyes

"What the fuck is your problem?!"I said to her

"Oops didn't see ya there"she then flipped me off,the lady saw and grabbed Ariana's hand and yanked her back


"Yes?"she asked sweetly

"Your fired"she got wide eyes and said

"What why?!"

"You do NOT disrespect patience!"she huffed in annoyance and stomped away

"I'm really sorry about Ariana,this happens a lot.ok I'm going to need your name and this little angels name"

"Umm I'm Liam Payne and this is Lia Payne"

"Beautiful names!ok I'm going to ask you to go wait in the waiting room for a nurse to call you"

"Ok thank you ma'am"I then set a now wide awake Lia on the ground.I took the note pad out and stopped and wrote because I heard lots of teenage girls

'I want you to hold my hand the whole way and if someone hurts you just squeeze my hand ok baby?'

'Yes daddy' she wrote back,I then grabbed her hand without the glass and started walking into the waiting room.We got attacked by fans.She then started holding my leg.

"GUYS PLEASE STOP!!YOUR SCARING THE GIRLS"Ashton yelled.They then didn't stop.

"Hey little bitch!who are you ?"the PAPS said.She didn't answer because she's deaf.

"Hey little bitch I'm talking to you!"

"Don't you DARE talk to my baby that way you cunt!you can't. Go around calling deaf 4 and a half year olds bitches now can you?!CAN YOU GUYS ALL JUST LEAVE?!"I started getting angry.I felt LIA let go and she started writing

'Daddy stop,he's just being a grumpy old man!do not let him upset you!'

"Your Right baby thank you'I smiled,she kept writing and gave it to the douche of a pap and he read it and went wide eyed nodded and left.

'What did you tell him?'

'Nothing daddy,love you!'

Lias POV

I didn't like the way the man looked when he was talking to daddy!

'Hey you old man!i don't like the way you talked to my daddy!im going to call the police if you don't stop!i will tell them you were touching me or you could go!'he looked at it wide eyes and left

'What did you tell him?'daddy wrote

'Nothing daddy love you!'

We then made it over to the room and I dove at Ashlynn and signed

'This mean guy came and started being mean to daddy!'



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