2nd chances

Hi. I'm Lia but you can call me LI. I'm 4 and a half.My birthday is august 29,2010. I live in a orphanage.my favorite things are drawing and writing.Oh I forgot to mention,I have a big sister here to.She is 6,her name is Ashlynn.Im deaf.What happens when one day one direction and 5sos are looking for 2 girls to adopt?read and find out.
-I always read the fan fictions about deaf children and I wanted to try.Tell me how I'm doing!!��


2. no damage done

Ashton's POV

When we were done with all of the papers I went up to Ashlynn and picked her up

"Hey love,are you excited to meet the rest of the family?"

"There's more?!"

"Ya totally!"

"How many more?!"

"Umm you have 8 uncles,1sister/cousin and 7 aunts"

"Woah! What's their names?"

"Ok we have uncle Louis,Liam,Harry,Zayn,Niall,Michael,Calum and uncle Luke,then you have Ashlynn your sister/cousin and your aunts Eleanor,Danielle,Perrie,Kendall,Ruth,Nicola and Gemma and your most favorite daddy ever ME!!"

"Wow!i love my daddy he's adorwable.let's think of nicknames!ive seen your guys' interviews so I know what some people call you guys!Ok so uncle Zayn is uncle bad boi,uncle Louis is uncle LOU bear,uncle Harry is uncle haz bear,uncle Liam is uncle DD for daddy direction,uncle Niall is uncle Ni,uncle Michael is uncle Micky,uncle Calum is uncle cay cay,uncle Luke is uncle Lu Lu,aunt Eleanor is aunt elly belly,aunt Danielle is aunt Dany,aunt Perrie is aunt pez,aunt Kendall is aunt Kenny,aunt Ruth is ant ru,aunt Nicola is aunt cola and aunt Gemma is aunt Gemmy or gems"

"Wow that's a lot to remember but I think you've got it"I teased


Lias POV

I hate being deaf!i can't even hear my own voice!when daddy said go wait outside I played this game he has on this square box called flappy birds.Its fun!i was paying attention to the game more then I was walking.

Liam's POV

I was talking to niall about celebrating when I glanced over at my baby girl playing on my iPhone.She was paying attention to the screen and not where she was going,and almost stepped to close to the road!

"LIA STOP RIGHT THERE!"I yelled forgetting she is deaf,she kept walking until she wast 1 foot away from the road!

"LIA!!!!!"I then bolted over to her grabbed her wrist making her look up at the car coming.she was frozen.I grabbed her waist and jumped on the side walk.She was terribly shaking of fear.Im so glad I got to her in time;if not I would have been to late.I felt warm little tears on my shoulder;she is a deaf mute where since she is deaf she doesn't talk.I looked at her face and if she spoke she would have been balling.I scooped her 50 pound body up off the concrete bridal style while she cried in my chest.

"Shh shhh it's ok"I said while she looked at me.She stared intently at my lips before pausing while taking shaky deep breaths and nodded.I smiled at her.She had her hand in her pocket where I saw a circle of blood where her hand meets the inside of her fabric.I stopped and got into the limo with everybody else waiting.They all have me weird looks . I just shrugged it off and sat Lia down on my lap with her facing me on both my knees;I then took her hand slowly out of her pocket to see she had a really bloody little hand with glass in it.I looked in her pocket and pulled out my smashed iPhone with glass missing from the screen.Lia froze,she looked at the phone and back at her little itty bitty hand and screamed silently.

"AHHHH LIA OH MY GOD!!!PAUL GO TO THE HOSPITAL NOW!!"every one looked at me then at Lia

"What happened?"Harry asked

"She was playing flappy birds on my phone and was walking outside to get in the car,Well I was talking to niall when I saw her some what to close to the street,so I yelled'LIA STOP RIGHT THERE!"but I forgot she was deaf!she was by then now a foot away from the busy street still not looking up from the phone.so I yelled 'Lia!!' And bolted over to her and grabbed her wrist.She started shaking as she looked at all of the cars,but she wouldn't move!phone still in her hand I grabbed her waist and lifted her up and dove to the concrete!she started crying so I picked her up and noticed some blood where her hand meets the inner fabric of her coat pocket.I took her hand out and there were cuts and glass and blood all over her itty bitty baby hands!I looked in her pocket and found my phone with a lot of the screen missing while it's cracked.So the phone broke on her Hand when we dove to the concrete!"I started crying.I caused my baby girl to get hurt

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