2nd chances

Hi. I'm Lia but you can call me LI. I'm 4 and a half.My birthday is august 29,2010. I live in a orphanage.my favorite things are drawing and writing.Oh I forgot to mention,I have a big sister here to.She is 6,her name is Ashlynn.Im deaf.What happens when one day one direction and 5sos are looking for 2 girls to adopt?read and find out.
-I always read the fan fictions about deaf children and I wanted to try.Tell me how I'm doing!!��


4. Just the beginning of the chapter

Lias POV

After I told Ashlynn about what happened me and daddy sat down.

Daddy grabbed my uninjured hand and we walked to the nurse.Once we were in the office she asked something.But I shook my head.

Liam's POV

After she took us to the room she started to talk.

"How bad does your hand hurt Hun?"Lia shook her head.

"She's deaf"I told her quietly.

"Oh excuse me then here I will be right back."she smiled.a few moments later she came back with a notepad and pen.

Lias POV

She came back with a notepad and pen and started to write.

'How much does your hand hurt Hun?'

'Not that much'

'Well good:)I'm going to get you a X-ray and then we will fix ya right up:)'


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