My Sunshine

Jewel is a lonely girl with a terrible life. Then Harry comes into her life. He seems to love her from the start but doesn't know if he's taking it to fast. Jewel questions her life and doesn't want to live her life anymore.


4. Not a Dream

~•~•~•Flash Back~•~•~•

Jewel's mum's POV

I was walking home from a long day of work. I couldn't wait to see Jewel and Nici and of course Garrett (my husband.) With my coffee in one hand and my work papers in the other, I walk out of the building. I was a writer of my own. I write books all the time. It's a nice day. I'm walking with a smile on my face. I sing happy songs. My beautiful family and my job that I love. I had a good life. As I cross the street a speeding car races by. I froze and the car hit me. I fall to the ground. Everything was fuzzy and soon enough the darkness swallowed me.

Garrett's POV

I was talking to Jewel about her day and feeding Nicole. "Yeah we had a quiz today." She said. "How did you do?" I ask. "A+." She said. I give her a high five and a warm smile. I hear the phone ring. I tell Jewel to feed Nicole and picked up the phone. "Hello?" I asked. "Is this Garrett Ritherwood?" A voice asked. "Yes who's calling?" I ask in a happy tone. "This is Dr. Bower we need you to come to the London Bridge Hospital immediately." He said. "What? Why? What's happened?" I ask franticly. "Sir we will explain when you arrive please stay calm." He says. I agree to stay calm and hang up. I grab the kids and get them into there seats. Jewel was scared to death but so was I. What had happened to my wife? I'm sure everything is going to be ok. "Dad what's going on?" Jewel ask in a shaky voice. "I'm sure everything is going to be ok." I said taking her hand. We arrive at the hospital and I rush to the front desk. "Amanda Ritherwood?" I ask. "Oh yes she's unavailable but I'll inform the doctor your here please have a seat." The lady says. She was an older lady. She had a warm smile. She was very nice. I sat down and about 5 minutes later the doctor came down. The old lady took Jewel and Nicole and I went with the doctor. "What's wrong with my wife? What's happened?" I ask. "Sir your wife has been in a terrible car accident and is in a coma." He said. I let out a breathe of relief. I mean I'm upset she's in a coma but I'm just relieved she's alive. "I'm glad she's ok." I said. "Um sir, we don't think she's going to wake up and if she does she wont remember anything and never will." He says with a shaky voice. I could feel my heart breaking. I feel sick. Tears form in my eyes. The pour down my cheeks like a water fall. My face is wet and red. The one I love will die or never remember me or her two daughters. How can this happen? This has to be a dream. It's not real. I'm gonna wake up now. Wake up Garrett! WAKE UP! I cry harder.

Amanda's POV

Where am I? Who am I? Come on remember. I hear something. "Amanda I love you don't ever forget that. Jewel and Nicole are downstairs. The doctor said if you wake up you're not going to remember anything." It said. I-I don't know who it is? What is love? Who's Amanda? Who's Jewel and Nicole? Why can't I know? What's wrong with me? Why can't I wake up? Why do I hurt all over? This is so frustrating.

Jewel's POV

The lady held Nicole as she slept. I sat quiet and scared. Where's my mom? Is she ok? Why did my dad leave? These questions repeated in my head. Tears filled my eyes. My mind kept thinking about the things that could happen. I wiped them away quick. I was trebling a lot.

Garrett's POV

I was sitting by her. So many cords hooked to her. She lay motionless, pale and bruised. I hold her hand and talk to her. "Amanda I love you don't ever forget that. Jewel and Nicole are downstairs. The doctor said if you wake up you're not going to remember anything." I say. No answer. Tears fall from my face one by one. The one I fell in love with is leaving. I kiss her forehead. "Beep..beep..beeep." It stretched the last one. A tear falls from face followed by a hundred more. The doctors cover her with a light blue cloth. I walk back downstairs to see Jewel waiting. Nicole asleep on the lady. I let another tear fall. She'll never see them grow up. Never see them get married. Never see them graduate. Jewel looks at me. I didn't even have to say anything. "No no it's a dream she's still here!" She says. "No it's not a dream. She's gone." I say crying again. I hug her tight. The lady let's a tear go as well. I can't take care of them. I have to let someone else do that. I would ruin there lives. So I let the judge choose where they go.

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