My Sunshine

Jewel is a lonely girl with a terrible life. Then Harry comes into her life. He seems to love her from the start but doesn't know if he's taking it to fast. Jewel questions her life and doesn't want to live her life anymore.


2. My Sunshine

Jewel's POV

Niall had gotten me a job and it was my first day. It was a small bakery but it paid good money, I guess. I mean money is money right? I was always good at baking. I used to bake for my mum all the time. "Alright you ready?" Niall asked. "Yep let's go." I wasn't really nervous like most people are on there first day. We arrived at a cute little building. I went inside and there was a little old lady working the cash register. "Hey Barbara this is Jewel she's gonna be working here." He said. She nodded and showed me everything. She took me to the kitchen where there was another person. I didn't really see him. He had a beanie on so I couldn't see his hair. "Harry this is Jewel show her how to work the register." She ordered sweetly. I froze when I heard his name. He looked up but didn't smile. He nodded and she left. I felt really bad. I kissed him then left. "So you take the money press thus button and give them there change. Oh and if it doesn't work then get me." He said. I nod. "Jewel I'm not mad." He said but I wasn't convinced. "You should be." I said. He looked at my eyes. I looked away. "Ok I'm a little mad that you just left but I'm not gonna yell at you or anything." He said. "I'm sorry but I couldn't stay. You don't understand." I said starting to walk away. He grabbed my arm and spun me around. "Then help me understand." He whispered. We stood there staring at each others eyes. He seemed to look at my broken soul deep inside. It needed to be fixed. He placed his hand on my heart. "It's broken." He said sounding hurt. I placed my hand on his. "Then fix it." I said. He kissed me. I felt like a small part if my heart had been stitched up. "Alright love birds get back to work." Barbara said. We laughed and did as we were told. "Harold where's those cupcakes?" I ask. "There coming there coming." He said. He brought out a bright pink box. "Here you go love. Have a nice day." He said giving the girl the box. I looked at her. "Don't be getting jealous now." He said. "Oh yeah I'm SO jealous." I said sarcastically. He tried to kiss me. "Get back to work." I said putting my hand on his chest to stop him. "Alright," he backed up a little. I turned my head back to the register and he kissed my cheek. "Now I'll get back to work." He said with a smirk. I scoffed and smiled. I could here him singing what makes you beautiful. "Harry stop that racket!" Barbara yelled but she also laughed a little. "That boy always breaking into song." She said. I laughed.

Harry's POV

I placed my hand on Jewel's heart. I could tell that it was broken. "It's broken." I said. I was hurt to think that her heart of gold had been broken. "Them fix it." She said. I felt like I could. I kissed her hoping it will fix her heart. That I could be her savior. Barbara came in and said to get back to work. We both laughed and Jewel turned back to the register. I don't know what happened to her but I just wish it never happened. I knew it wasn't going to be easy fixing her heart. It wasn't broken, it was shattered. I was willing to give her all my love to fix her. The day was finished and Jewel was waiting for Niall. "Jewel just let me take you home." I said but she refused. "Harry go home I'll text you later." She said. I sat on the curve with her and waited. I wasn't going to leave her there. Soon after Niall showed up. "Sorry I'm late love." He said. He saw Jewel asleep on me and smiled. I didn't look up at him just staring at her beautiful face. I carried her to Niall's car and kissed her head. I always felt like there was a darkness lingering around me, but with her it was gone. She was my sunshine that scared away the darkness. I went home and rested. I finally woke up and texted Jewel.

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