My Sunshine

Jewel is a lonely girl with a terrible life. Then Harry comes into her life. He seems to love her from the start but doesn't know if he's taking it to fast. Jewel questions her life and doesn't want to live her life anymore.


3. Insecurity

Jewel's POV

I was eating my usual snack at Niall's house when I got a text. I wiped my hands with a napkin and look at it. "You know we haven't been on an official date yet?" It read. Harry. I smile uncontrollably. "Oooo I know that smile." Cassidy says but I don't hear her. I was to focused on the text. "Is that an offer?" I ask him. "Would you accept an offer?" He asked making me scoff. Just ask me out. "I don't know I haven't heard one." I say cheekily. "Alright do you wanna go on a date with me?" He ask. "I would love to when?" I ask. I look up to see Cassidy lip locking with Niall. "Get a room it two." I say throwing a pillow at them. They pulled away and giggled. "What was that smile about a minute ago?" She asked. "Wouldn't you like to know?" I ask returning to my phone. "Tonight at 8." He said. "Sounds good." I said. I picked up my trash and threw it away. "Jewel just tell me." She begged. "I have a date tonight." I mumbled so quietly I was sure she didn't hear me. "Did you just say you have a date?" She asked. "Maybe." I said blushing and looking towards the ground. "With...?" She ask motioning for me to keep talking. "Niall's friend that I've ran into before." I said. "You're still a virgin right?" She asked putting her hands on my shoulders. "Yes Cassidy and are you?" I ask raising my eyebrows. "Yes now let's go pick out your outfit." She said dragging me upstairs. I held back knowing she can't drag me. She gave up and asked nicely. "Good girl." I said following her upstairs. She went through all my cloths, which wasn't a lot. Then she went through her cloths. She pulled out a stunning blue dress. "Perfect." She said. Blue was always my color and she knew that. I changed into it and thought I looked terrible. "Cass it's to much." I said. "No it's not you look amazing." She insisted. "I have to much make up on, these heels are to high-" "Jewel you look beautiful don't let your insecurity ruin it. Look in the mirror and know that you're beautiful." She says as I turn around. I see nothing but another girl. I nod. By the time I'm ready it's almost 8. Cassidy was creaking out and Niall was talking about food. Typical. I heard a knock at the door. Expecting Harry I open the door. I see my slightly younger cousin. Luckily she doesn't recognize me with the dress and make up and my smile. "May I help you?" I ask in a momish type of voice. "Yes have you seen my cousin?" She asked holding up a picture. "I'm sorry but I can't say I have." I lie. I had three intentions now.

1. Get a job

2. Restart

3. Find my little sister

My little sister was taken to my other uncles house in France. I've been saving for years. I have only half of what I need. I get a few calls every once in a while but not often. My uncle would take good care of her. She needed me though. I intend to find her and maybe my uncle will give her to me. My uncle had no other kids or a wife. His wife died when I was 5. Making Nici not born. I mean I'm 17 and she's 5. I've been keeping track. My mum died shortly after she was born. My mum was killed in a terrible car accident.

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