Last Chance

Emma Is Louis Tomilson's Little Sister , 2 Years After Louis Audtiioned For X-factor , His Sister Audtions and get ACCEPTED! she is teamed up with 5 really cool girls , but what happens when she leaves home and her 'crush' has feelings for her and hasnt told her , will this be there only chance to commit to their feelings , or will Emma conquire her dream alone with her friend Nicole , just look inside.


3. Sleep Over

             As soon as I walked off the stage with a wide smile plastered a cross my face , stretching from ear to ear , I then I saw my brother Louis run up to me and spin me around , and of I squealed , :P , Louis then proceeded to the car and said "Emma Bear , are you glad to be spend ing the night with me and the boys?" He said excited , I managed to plaster a fake smile across my face and nodded , he smiled uncontrollably and started the car and we drove to the hotel , he had rent for us "Emma did you know that you are going to be with us for a year?"  He asked , I slumped and nodded and had turned my face toward the window , so he couldn't see the regret in my eyes.


-------------Whonse we were at the hotel , Louis helped me bring up my luggage , that my 'mother' had packed. He set my bag inside my door and went to his room , I started to unpack when I then became sad ..... this was both my best day and worst day ever. 1. My boyfriend Jay , that's his nickname , broke up with me and 2. I finally had the courage to audition for x-factor. My belly started to hurt so I went onto the patio and shut the glass door behind me and sat down in the soft chair , as the cold winter air hit my face , making me flinch. A few minutes , Louis came in the room and asked "Hey Emmet! We're going out to eat and a 're wondering if you would like to invite your boyfriend?" He asked cutely  and I shook my head quickly turned away cause the water works are coming on , I covered my face and breathed in deeply and I heard my door close , and I looked behind me to make sure he Stillwater in my room and thank goodness he wasn't :P. I got then got ready for dinner , putting on thick tights , striped t-shirt , and purple Tom's , and a snow jacket , cause there are flurry outside. I came out into the living room and sat down and turned th t.v. to The Big Bang Theory and cuddled up with a blanket , and when Harry came tugging out of his bedroom , only wearing , pajamas , and his hair , really , really ,really ,messy , he must be sick ,.He came sat down next to me , probably didn't notice me and I looked at him and he slowly looked at me and , his eyes filled joy and he hugged me and said "Emma!" "Harry!" I said sarcastically and then I smirked at him and he booped my nose and then slowly got up and went back into his room and then I heard him squeal , wow............ , and then I got up , and told Louis that I'm going out. I walked out and got into the elevator and pressed the button with the 'G' on it , the ride down took along time , when it reached the ground floor , skipped happily cause the ride was over! , I walked out the door , for in which Niall was coming in from and his eyes burst open and tried to hug me but the door kept going around , Whonse he finally had gotten out he , stepped out and hugged me tight and lifted me off my feet , making me squeal and he said "Emma! I missed you shook.... much." He said happily and I being embarrassed , to break the silence I pecked his cheek quickly and hopped off , down to the shopping area.


---------------I walked inside and my nose was instantly , file with the smell of bread and different smells that hurt my room . The Purfume Department. Ew.....just thinking about that sent a shiver down my spine. I walked off to the dress department and started to search for a classified dress.

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