Last Chance

Emma Is Louis Tomilson's Little Sister , 2 Years After Louis Audtiioned For X-factor , His Sister Audtions and get ACCEPTED! she is teamed up with 5 really cool girls , but what happens when she leaves home and her 'crush' has feelings for her and hasnt told her , will this be there only chance to commit to their feelings , or will Emma conquire her dream alone with her friend Nicole , just look inside.


4. Disgusting

              .                I moved up and own the aisles until I found the perfect dress , Light blue , floral trimming , right above my new , I went into the dressing room and put it on , I look at myself in it , and I couldn't believe ,  I looked HORRIBLE , well I didn't look bad , the dress did :(  oh! I can get Perrie do it for me.I put the dress back on the padded hanger , and put it up on the hook , and walked out and went back to my car . Having spent an hour trying on dresses , I am tuckered out and want to take a nap , I got in and started the car and that's when I heard a whimpering sound coming from underneath the car , I got out and looked under , and there was a adorable , little baby kitty , I picked her up up , to see her features , one of her eyes is surrounded by black and orange and her little paws are brown , looks like she needs a bath! I got into the car and put the baby into the passenger seat and drove home , along the way the cat nuzzled into my lap and her body heat , warming my snow covered lap , I got out of the car and put the cat inside my jacket , since she has a thin layer of fur , I walked inside and got into the elevator and got out the kitten and stroked it , the cat then climbed on my shoulder and slowly sharpening her claws into my curly hair , I got her off , her claws only barley making a mark into my skin and stepped out and walked into the kitchenette where I put the tensed cat into the warm water where she eased , her pretty blue eyes , her eyes looked simular to mine , stared into my eyes and spurred , it turns out th black around her eyes was just motor oil and her orange and white fur was beautiful and then Harry walked in the living room and asked what I was doing and I said "I'm just cleaning a beautiful little baby kitten." I said like I was talking to a baby , and at those words he jumped up and power walked into the kitchenette and looked down at her and said "yes , she is beautiful , but not as beautiful as you." He said handsomely and with that he pecked me on the lips , and I smirked at him , and said "why did you just kiss me?" I asked cutie pie style."Oh!no reason and then his tanned cheeks turned a dark shade of red. And not saying I didn't want to date him just that , he has always been my crush and I cannot believe he just kissed me , I let out a scream in my head when he did and I .... and I .... "I was wondering if you have been having fun on x-factor?" He asked with a cheeky smile and then I smirked and said "Of course! Like who wouldnt?" I asked gloriously , making him smile and wink at me and he walked off to his room. And I scooped up the cat and turned off the sink and at that exact moment , I heard a scream. PERRIE!?!?  I put the cat in a laundry hamper threw down my phone nearly smashing it and running into the room , that the scream was produced from , I opened it quickly and saw Perrie holding her phone and her Hand was shaking , she looked at me ecstatic and the screamed "I GOT ED SHEERAN TICKETS AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" And then I threw a pillow at her , muffleing her screams and I walked off and closed the door quickly [I nearly broke my phone!] 

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