Last Chance

Emma Is Louis Tomilson's Little Sister , 2 Years After Louis Audtiioned For X-factor , His Sister Audtions and get ACCEPTED! she is teamed up with 5 really cool girls , but what happens when she leaves home and her 'crush' has feelings for her and hasnt told her , will this be there only chance to commit to their feelings , or will Emma conquire her dream alone with her friend Nicole , just look inside.


2. Big Day

                                    Emma Faith Tomlinson is an Adorable girl , she has curly blonde hair , that goes below her bum , she has crystal blue eyes , that sparkle. She is a shy girl and would never had thought to audition for x-factor , until her older brother Louis , forsed her to . The Next day she woke up in the car and her mother told her were going to get our 'nails' done and then they had gone to the parking lot "Um.....Mom i dont think this is the mall." she said unsure "I know your going to audition for x-factor , but dont freak out!!!" she then proceded to move along inside and find a seat where she was told to practice the song she is going to sing.


                                                                   (Emma's Pov)

I Woke Up In The Car and my so called mother told me i was going to audition on x-factor?!?!?! what if i mess up , like i usually do at home at school!?!?!? and then she said somthing that really grinded my gears "Emma , Your Going to Sleep over at Louis and the boys apartment" she said excitally

"Yay!...." i said sarcastically. i then decided to  sing 'I Will Always Love You' and then the whole time i was thinking of sleeping over at Louis's house and how Louis hung me from a tree and didnt let me go until our Mother had gotten home from work. but i closed my eyes really tight to get the thought away from my mind and started with the first words and tried to concentrate "If I should stay, Well I'll Only Be In You're Way....." and then my mind trailed as i saw the new judges come in and it is Selena Gomez , Demi Lovato , and Simon Cowell. When it was my turn , my stomache was churning and i felt my hands get sweaty and then i realized that my brother and the boys will be watching me and that really got me hyper venalating and then i felt someone grab my arm and it was my boyfriend Jack and he said "Emma If You Go Out There We Are Threw!" he said angerly. "Fine By Me Jake , I Have Plenty Of Other Boys That Would Likely Love To Be My Boyfriend."i said proudly. i then he stomped off angerly and sad and then the stage motioned for me to go out and stand out on the x and i did and Simon asked "Hello Who Are And What Will You Be Singing Today?" "Hello I Am Emma Tomlinson and i will be singing I Will Always Love You By Dolly Parton" I said Kindly "Ok You can start when ever you want to, Darlin." said Demi . I nodded and then the music started to olay and i started to panic on the inside and then at the first words i took a few breaths and then sang out beautifully and on key. i stayed in place as stiff as a board. and whonse i finished the song , i got a standing ovasion and then came the judging "Ahhhh! Emma That Was Absolutly Wonderful , you were on key and everything!!" and that comment made me smile "SO.. im gonna say yes!" said Demi , and i am melting on the inside."I Love The Way That You Sang Almost Like Dolly Parton , But Your Voice is Unique!" said selena "I am Also Going to say yes!" and then everyones looks went to Simon "...........YOUR GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!" and then i jumped up in the air (punching air) and then ran up and shook all of there hands and took the ticket and jumped up with a kick in my step and went outside and everyone was out there Grand parents every child in our family and my uncle picked me up and twirled me around and put me down and then i showed them all my ticket. and then i knew....


                                        THIS IS THE START OF SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL!!

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