My Idol!

So, yeah. Danisnotonfire! The main character, Annika, is moving from Fort Wayne, Indiana to London, England. She is kind of obsessed with danisnotonfire and meets him once or twice.


2. Ron Weasley

Rhiannon and I walked out of the airplane with our luggage and saw someone holding a sign with our names on it. We walked up to him and I said, "We are thy!" Rhiannon started laughing at my weirdness and the guy just have us a strange look.

"Are you Annika and Rhiannon?" He asked.

"Yes, and OH MY GOD! I want a British accent so bad! I am so jelly!!!!!" I screamed.

He rolled his eyes and said "I am Ron and I will be taking you to your new flat."

"OH MY GOD YOU ARE RONALD WEASLEY!!!!!" Me and Rhiannon yelled. He rolled his eyes and lead us to his car thingy.

"You aren't gonna kidnap us are you?" Rhiannon asked. Yeah, she's crazy, too.

"No," Ron Weasley grunted.


We eventually got to our new flat. Haha. British slang. I got my luggage from the trunk and waved goodbye to Ronald Weasley.

"BYE RON!! TELL HARRY I SAID HI!!!!" I screamed. He drove away and Rhiannon and I walked back inside. Right when we got inside I looked for the bigger bedroom and claimed it.

"No fair!" Rhiannon pouted. I stuck my tongue out at her.

I then closed the door and got out my laptop and went on youtube. I immediately typed 'danisnotonfire' in the search box and watched half of his videos. Yeah... I'm kinda obsessed.


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