My Idol!

So, yeah. Danisnotonfire! The main character, Annika, is moving from Fort Wayne, Indiana to London, England. She is kind of obsessed with danisnotonfire and meets him once or twice.


1. Moving to London

I put my headphones in, listening to Ke$ha. I was in a plane flying to London. Yeah, I'm moving from America to London. Yay! I'm going to share an apartment with my best friend, Rhiannon. Say hi, Rhiannon! Yeah... I'm crazy. Whatever. She doesn't even know what goes on in my head. I was humming to Back$tabber by Ke$ha when Rhiannon.

I took out my headphones and she said, "We're almost there!"

I gathered all of my stuff which surrounded all around me. I an about five minutes we landed in London.

I grabbed her arm and whisper-yelled "WE ARE IN LONDON!!!!!"

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