Nobody Compares

Teagan and Hayley are both 16 years old and juniors in high school. They live in Foster, Rhode Island and both love singing. Teagan sings, plays three sports field hockey, basketball, and tennis. You can say she's far from being girly and she's outgoing most of the time, but can be shy at times. Hayley loves singing, she plays volleyball and softball. She is like Teagan with the fact she's outgoing but she's very girly. They both decided that they should try out for XFactor this season. What will happen when they go? What's happens when they meet their favorite band One Direction? Will love interests happen and what will happen with their singing careers will they be a dream or become reality.


3. Chapter Three

Teagan's POV 

This week is Love song week. Hayley isn't looking forward to this week so we decided we would all go do something to cheer her up before we pick our song. 
"So where are we going?" Hayley asked. 
"No idea. Do you guys have any?" I said then asked the guys.
"I know!!" Louis said very excited.
"Where?" We all asked.  
"The mall!!!!!" He yelled. Hayley's face looked even sadder then before.
"Really Louis. I don't think the mall is the best choice." I said.
"Why not? Oh yea...not the mall." He sighed. "Fine the park." He said. 
"That's a great idea!" I yelled. Hayley just nodded her head and we all got into the car to go to the park. We got to the park and all just walked around and tried to make Hayley laugh by doing and saying stupid things. It started to work she was laughing sometimes, but then she would get upset again. We finally got her laughing again when I saw Trent and his new girlfriend...great. Hayley didn't notice at first so I tried to distract her until we passed them. They were bring all cute and coupley. We were almost past them when Hayley saw them. She stopped smiling and looked like she was about to cry. 
"Come on guys. I think we should leave now..." I said and turned around walking back to where the car was.
"Why we just got here a little while ago?" Zayn asked.
"Let's just say Louis has horrible ideas on where to go!" Hayley said almost in tears. Louis started to say something to try and defend himself but then all the guys saw Trent and he stopped himself from finishing what he was going to say. We all just walked back and left as soon as we could. Hayley wouldn't even start to smile now, I mean I don't blame her for not. We got back and started talking about what song we were going to sing this week. 
"Okay everyone think of good songs that are lovey or breakupy!" Louis yelled as we all sat on the couches in mine and Hayley's dressing room. 
"Does it have to be love song week??" Hayley said putting her head into her hands. 
"Yes. You know that but we can always do a really awesome breakup song..." I said. She just shook her head that was still in her hands. 
"Okay what about this one!" I said. I played 'Amazed' by Vanessa Hudgens. We were all listening when Hayley picked her head up. 
"Change it!" She said. 
"Why??" I asked she just looked at me with the "really" face. 
"'Baby I'm amazed what you're FAITH can do...'" She said in a very exaggerated tone.
"Oh ok next song!" I said and quickly turned that off.
"This one!" Louis yells. He starts to play 'Back Together' by Jesse McCartney.
"No!!" Hayley cried. 
"What's wrong with this one?" Zayn asked. 
"It's called 'Back Together'." She said. Louis stopped the music and we started to look again. 
"Got one!!" I said and put 'Redneck Crazy' on. Me and Hayley just sat and listened she stared to smile a little. 
"Can we go trash his house! I know where he lives!!!" She said smiling a little. 
"No Hayley. You can't." Liam laughed. 
"She can't but can I?" I asked. Hayley started to laugh. 
"No one is trashing anyone's house." Liam said. 
"Somebody's a party pooper!" Hayley pouted. 
"Kay dad!" Louis said. Liam rolled his eyes at both of them. Then I put on 'Heart Attack' by Demi Lovato on. 
"Oh I like this one!!" Hayley said smiling a little. Then it got to one part and I had to make a comment I just had to I know bad me but it was perfect. 
"Never said yes to the right guy!" I sang Hayley's face looked sad again and all the guys just gave me the 'seriously' face. I just shrugged and changed the song. Zayn picked the next  song off of Hayley's iPad. He picked 'Here We Go Again'. 
"Really?" Hayley asked. Zayn turned it off.
"Hayley your going to find something in every song you have to listen to some of them  before saying stop or change it." I said kind if annoyed that every song she wouldn't even really listen to most of it. She just rolled her eyes and looked at her phone. Then Louis got a smirk on his face and looked at Harry. 
"What?" Harry asked nervous and confused.
"I thought of a song!!" He laughed then went through his phone until he found it, he put on 'I Knew You Were Trouble'. Everyone started to laugh except Harry. 
"I love this song!" Hayley laughed. 
"I heard that she always writes songs about someone! I wonder who this one is about!?" I laughed. Harry rolled his eyes. 
"And her speech at the VMAs was just ExtrodinHARRY!!" She said trying not to laugh.
"That's who it's about! It's about Harry!" I yelled and started to laugh again. By now everyone was laughing. Harry just rolled his and asked what the next song was. Hayley put the next song...she picked 'Not Over You'. I just let her listen to the song because I knew there was no reasoning with her. About half way through the song her phone went off, I looked and saw it was Trent. I grabbed the phone before Hayley could she just looked at me and gave me the please be nice face. 
"What do you want?" I asked very rudely. Hayley just looked at me. 
"Can I talk to Hayley?" He asked me. 
"No she's busy sorry call back hmmm never." I said. Hayley jumped off the couch across from me and grabbed the phone and walked out of the room after telling him she could talk. I rolled my eyes and waited for her to be done with the call. She doesn't realize that he's not going to change. Yes he was her first love but trust me she can do better. I mean I see they way her and Liam look and act around each other she just has to know and it will be all good! She came back and it looked like she had been crying. 
"What did he want?" I asked. 
"He wanted to tell me he broke up with that slut and if we could go out sometime and try and fix things..." She said looking at her phone still. I could tell Liam didn't like that he looked upset when she said that. 
"Please tell me you said no." Niall said. 
"I said maybe..." She said looking up at all of us. 
"Why would you say maybe! You know he's not going to change! He just wants to know that he can still mess with your heart!" I said. She just looked at her phone she wouldn't even look at me. I think I was getting to her with my comment earlier and now. 
"Whatever. Can we go back to picking songs now??" She asked as she was scrolling through her phone. 
"Yea good idea." Zayn said looking from me to Hayley. Hayley picked another song. It was 'Goodbye'. Right away everyone just looked at Hayley. 
"What it's a good song!" She said. We all just shook our heads. Then the part about I looking at photographs all the time came on. 
"Hayley...have you deleted the pictures of you and Trent??" I asked. She didn't answer me I knew she didn't. 
"Hayley you really should." Louis agreed. Hayley just shook her head no. 
"Hay. Come on if you want to get over him you have to delete the pictures." I said. 
"No..." Hayley said now looking at her phone probably at pictures. 
"Hayley." I said. She just looked at me. 
"Fine..." She sighed. I saw she deleted the pictures. "Happy?" She asked.
"I'm just trying to make it easier for you Hay." I said. She just rolled her eyes. Hayley then played a bunch of songs that were about getting back together and stuff. She played 'Better Together', 'Catch Me', and 'Nothing Like Us'. Through all three I would make stupid comments about her and Trent trying to get her to stop and realize that she had to try  and get over him. I think I was really annoying her. Then I put on 'Take a Bow' Hayley shot me a really nasty look. 
"Can you change it?" She asked. 
"No. I want to listen to this one." I said. 
"Well I don't so can you change it." 
"Well I didn't want to some of the songs you played and asked you to change them and you didn't so no we can listen to it." I said. She rolled her eyes. 
"Anyway Hayley listen to the words maybe you'll realize something." Hayley then gave me a really nasty look. She then covered her ears. I tried to uncover them but it was no use she just covered them again. I gave up and let her cover them. When the song ended she uncovered them. 
"Hay all I'm saying is we probably shouldn't do a song about getting back together with someone. I mean we can do a love song just not one about getting back together. And we could do breakup to because why not. I get you just broke up with him like last week and you dated him for three years but you have to try and get over him." I said frustrated with her. Hayley looked like she was about to cry. 
"Teagan stop." Harry said. I just rolled my eyes.
"It's true." I mumbled under my breath. I think only Harry could hear because he just shook his head while everyone else was still on there phones. Hayley then put 'Nothing Like Us'. 
"Really Hayley?!" I said frustrated she didn't want to listen. What I am saying is true though she needs to try and get over it. Once that was over Niall found a song, it was 'Because You Live'...
"Change it change it now!!" Hayley said with tears in her eyes. 
"Why?" Niall asked. 
"Just change it!!" She said as a few tears came down her face. 
"It was her and Trent's song." I said. He then changed the song but not before I could make some comments about the song. I was mumbling them under my breath but guess I said them a little to loud. Harry told me to stop but I didn't. Next thing I know I was slapped across the face by Hayley. She grabbed her phone and walked out. 
"Really Teagan?!?" Liam said really annoyed. 
"I didn't mean to say them that loud!" I said holding my face. I honestly didn't mean to have her hear them. 
"I told you to stop Teagan we could all hear you." Harry said. 
"I thought only you could hear me...I really didn't want her to hear me! If I wanted her to I would have said it to her like right to her. I swear I didn't mean to if feel horrible now!" I said putting my face in my hands. I went out to talk to Hayley but she wasn't there I saw Simon. 
"Simon where's Hayley?" I asked. 
"She said she was going back to the house and looked like she was about to cry. Is she okay?" He answered. 
"I may have said somethings I shouldn't have said about her and it okay if I go back to talk to her?" I asked. 
"Yea that's fine be here for 9 tomorrow so you can decide what sing and start to work on it." He said. I nodded and went back to the house. I went into the room and saw Hayley crying. 
"Hayley..." I said sitting in her bed. 
"Get away from me." She said not looking at me. 
"I'm sorry I shouldn't have said the stuff I did. I didn't know you could hear me." 
"Please, stop lying you knew exactly what you were doing. Just don't talk to me right now." 
"Okay that's fair. Just letting you know we have to be there tomorrow at 9 to decided the song and then start to practice." I said walking over to my bed and laying down. It wasn't late but I had nothing else to do and she needed space. 
"Kay." She said still not even picking her head up from the pillow. I sat in the room all night playing on my phone since I had nothing else todo. I texted some of our friends from back home... I really missed them. They helped me feel a little better because I felt really bad right now. I feel horrible I never should have done that I should have kept my mouth shut. The whole night I would try to talk to her but she would ignore me or just say "okay" or "I don't know". I just gave up trying. I went to bed and hoped tomorrow would be better. I woke up the next morning to Hayley waking me up. 
"Tea. Get up we have to leave in like half an hour..." She said. 
"Okay. And Hayley I'm really sor-" I said but she cut me off. 
"It's  fine. I know what you were doing and trying to help me. Yes you went too far but maybe I needed to hear it. I'm still not sure about everything.Now let's go!" She said and gave me a hug. We went to the dressing room and all the guys were there me and Hayley were laughing and joking around. 
"You girls all good now?" Zayn asked. 
"Yup!" We both said and laughed. It took us about and hour to decide the song and them we had to start practicing it. We practice and then all just hung out and did stupid stuff and joked around. That's basically what we did all week. Then it was time for the performance. We got ready and then went on stage. Our video played and we started to sing. 
***A/N: You skip if you want just lyrics****

My heart is telling me that you were gonna change, but I know
My heart is lying right to my face, yeah

My heart is making up excuses for your ways, but I wish that
My heart knew when I should walk away.

It let's me down, it helps me as I get back up off the ground
While telling me that this is love but I found
It wasn't really on my side, now I think it's time

I tell my heart to just butt out, keep it's opinions to itself
I should just listen to my head, 'cause it's the one who knows what's best
It tells me not to love you,
But my heart says just forgive you
Oh but it's not thinking clearly
I wish that I could leave my heart out of this
Leave my heart out of this

I'm done feeling like a stranger to myself, so I know
I've got to put all of my feelings on a shelf, yeah

It let's me down, it helps me as I get back up off the ground
While telling me that this is love but I found
It wasn't really on my side, now I think it's time

I tell my heart to just butt out, keep it's opinions to itself
I should just listen to my head, 'cause it's the one who knows what's best
It tells me not to love you,
But my heart says just forgive you
Oh but it's not thinking clearly
I wish that I could leave my heart out of this
Leave my heart out of this

Sometimes I wish you'd just shut up
And let me think, I've had enough
I need to just make up my mind (make up my mind)
So that's why

I should just listen to my head, 'cause it's the one who knows what's best
It tells me (tells me) not to love you (love you) but my heart says just forgive you
Oh but it's not thinking clearly
I wish that I could leave my (leave my, leave my, leave my, leave my) heart out of this
Leave my heart out of this

Hey, la la la leave my heart
La la la leave my heart, no, no

****A/N: Back to the story!!***
We finished our song and went off stage. All the guys said good job and gave us hugs and everything. We went back to the house and awaited the results tomorrow. I was actually really confident with this week. The next day went by really quick and we had to start to get ready for the results. We went on stage and waited with Simon and the other two groups. Me and Hayley were the third act through. We went off stage and went with the guys. We were all in our dressing room laughing and having fun. Hayley was laughing and smiling and flirting with Liam!! We were all sitting talking when Hayley's phone went off... we looked at Hayley to see who was calling her face dropped. 
"It's Trent.." She said. I looked at Liam and he looked really upset. I hope Hayley realizes that she should give Liam a chance. I know she likes him and he likes her. 

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