Nobody Compares

Teagan and Hayley are both 16 years old and juniors in high school. They live in Foster, Rhode Island and both love singing. Teagan sings, plays three sports field hockey, basketball, and tennis. You can say she's far from being girly and she's outgoing most of the time, but can be shy at times. Hayley loves singing, she plays volleyball and softball. She is like Teagan with the fact she's outgoing but she's very girly. They both decided that they should try out for XFactor this season. What will happen when they go? What's happens when they meet their favorite band One Direction? Will love interests happen and what will happen with their singing careers will they be a dream or become reality.


1. Chapter One

Teagan's POV 

I woke up this morning and didn't want to get up as usual but then I remembered what today was... It was the day that me and Hayley were auditioning for XFactor! I got up and grabbed my phone that kept going off. It was a million good luck tests and a million texts from Hayley making sure I was up. Me and Hayley are best friends and have been all our life's. We both sing and decided to audition together since a lot of people say we are really good. I texted her back saying I was up and then went to get ready. I took a quick shower then changed into a pair of skinny jeans, a black tank top that was dressy. I put on a pair of pink and black Jordan's and put my hair in a pony tail. I got ready and had about a half hour until Hayley got here to leave. I just went downstairs to eat and watch tv of course my younger sister and older brother were up. My younger sister Laura is 13 and my older brother James is 18. 

"Morning!" I said skipping I to the kitchen they were getting ready for school so they weren't as happy as me. 

"Morning." They both replied tiredly. 

"You ready for XFactor today?" Laura asked. 

"Yes! I can't wait but I'm really nervous." I said taking my phone and texting Hayley.

"You'll do fine! And guess what you might get to meet One Direction!!!" She yelled. 

"I know, calm down." I said. She laughed and James rolled his eyes. Then Hayley walked in. 

"Morning!" She said. She walked to the fridge and grabbed a drink 

"Oh hi Hayley come in and help yourself to something to eat." He said sarcastically. Hayley just ignored him and continued doing what she was doing. 

"What's your issue today?" I asked Hayley just laughed. 

"The fact that I have to go to school and you don't..." He said I rolled my eyes. 

"Your just upset because she's good at sports and can sing and has good grades and your not good at anything! And because Hayley is just like Teagan so your upset about her too." Laura laughed. This caused me and Hayley to both start to laugh. 

"I'm good at something!" James said trying to defend himself. I heard my mom and dad walk down the stairs we have this conversation almost every morning. 

"Yes what James failing tests?" My dad laughed. My mom just shook her head.

"Stop picking on James." She laughed. Everyone started to laugh because we all knew we were just joking. 

"James, Laura you have to leave for school in half a hour we have to leave now. If I find out you were late you will be in a lot of trouble." My mom said to James making sure he understood. He nodded in agreement.

"Ready girls?" My dad asked. We both nodded and jumped up. 

"Good luck girls!" Both James and Laura said. We both ran out the door and got into the car.  We had about 30 minute ride to get to the audition so we just played games in our phone and talked about the audition with my parents, Hayley's parents and brother are going to meet us there. We got to the audition in what felt like no time and saw there were so many people there. I started to get really nervous. 

"Hayley look at all the people!" I said with a nervous tone. 

"I know this is crazy!" Hayley said really excited. We saw Hayley's parents and older brother Ashton and went over to them. Her older sister Chloe was at school she was the same age as James and Ashton was a year older then them. We got in line and I was so nervous I was playing with my phone and wasn't really talking I always did this when I was nervous. 

"Tea don't be nervous you'll be fine trust me! We will be great!" Hayley said. I smiled and just kept looking at my phone texting my friends from school hoping that it would make me less nervous which I did. We waited about two hours before our number got called. We gave our families a hug and walked onto he stage to stand before the judges. This year it was Simon Cowell, Selena Gomez, Jesse McCartney, and Britney Spears. I was so nervous I walked onto the stage with Hayley and it felt like a thousand butterfly's were in the my stomach. 

"Hi girls. What's your name?" Simon asked. 

"I'm Teagan." I said first surprisingly. 

"And I'm Hayley." She said smiling. 

"How old are you two?" Simon asked.

"We are both 16." I answered once I was in front of the judges I felt all the butterfly's go away.

"Where are you from?" He asked again. 

"Foster, Rhode Island." Hayley answered this time. 

"And what will you be singing today?" He questioned. 

"Dark Horse by Katy Perry." Hayley said smiling at them again.

"Alright you can start whenever." He said. We started singing and I think we did amazing. We finished and we both stood there. We were both nervous I could tell. We listened to what the judges had to say and they loved us. We got four yes'! We both just smiled thanked them and ran off the stage to our families. We both got huge hugs and we were so happy. We have to leave tomorrow though so we texted our friends to come over my house to tell them the news. We got a bunch of texts back like: did you make it? How was it? We got back home and Hayley went to her house to pack her stuff for tomorrow we have a week at bootcamp then we get to find out if we really make it or not I'm so happy. I packed a bunch of clothes even though it's just a week. But the time I was done Hayley came back over with her parents and brother and we all just talked and laughed and spend time together before we had to go. We did that for a while then Laura, James, and Chloe got to my house. We told them the news so they wouldn't find out with our friends. They were so happy for us. We heard a knock on the door and I ran to get it, it was our friends Tyler, Jared, Justin, Olivia, and Angelica. 

"So tell us what happened!" Olivia yelled. 

"Well we are leaving tomorrow for bootcamp!" Both me and Hayley yelled at the same time. They all came over and hugged us. 

"That's great guys we will miss you so much though!" Angelica said. 

"It's only a week and then were back unless we make it past bootcamp." I said. 

"Which you will because you guys are really good!" Tyler said. The night was spent all of us hanging out before we had to leave. We called our other friend Nikki because she moved to Massachusetts so we couldn't tell her person she was really happy for us. It started to get late so our parents told everyone they had to go home since they had school tomorrow and we had a flight to catch at like 6 AM. Me and Hayley went up to my room and ended up falling asleep right away. I fell asleep wondering what it is going to be like if we make it on XFactor and how bootcamp will be. I was nervous for what will come but I had a good feeling about it so I fell asleep thinking about all the good things that should happen. All I can say is I can't wait to see what will happen.  

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