Nobody Compares

Teagan and Hayley are both 16 years old and juniors in high school. They live in Foster, Rhode Island and both love singing. Teagan sings, plays three sports field hockey, basketball, and tennis. You can say she's far from being girly and she's outgoing most of the time, but can be shy at times. Hayley loves singing, she plays volleyball and softball. She is like Teagan with the fact she's outgoing but she's very girly. They both decided that they should try out for XFactor this season. What will happen when they go? What's happens when they meet their favorite band One Direction? Will love interests happen and what will happen with their singing careers will they be a dream or become reality.


4. Chapter Four

Hayley's POV

We got to the dressing room and were all fooling around. I was flirting and everything. I think I might be over Trent. Then my phone started going off. I grabbed it and it was Trent. 
"It's Trent." I said. Teagan made me put it on speaker. 
Me: Hello?
Trent: Hey beautiful. 
Me: Why are you calling?
Trent: you did really good. And have you thought about what I said before?
Me: Yeah. And I don't think I want to. 
Trent: you think?
Me: I..yeah I dont think I want to.
Trent: why do I even try with you!? 
Me: what are you talking about you're the one that cheated on me. 
Trent: and I'm trying to fix it, but you're too much if a thick headed bitch to realize it. 
I felt someone take the phone out of my hand. Liam.. Oh god. Liam turned it off speaker and walked out of the room. I was too shocked to eavesdrop. My mind was all over the place. Liam walked back in and handed me my phone. He sat down next to me again and everyone was quiet. Liam looked at everyone. 
"Why are you all so quiet?" Liam asked. Everyone shrugged except for me I just sat there. Everyone started their own conversations. I just started a normal conversation with Liam. We talked until Simon came in telling us that we could leave. But we have to be at the studio tomorrow morning so we can pick our song.. Well have Simon pick our song. Once we got to the house I was laying in bed until my phone went off.. Twice. I got two text messages. I looked at the first and it was Liam. 
'Sweet dreams beautiful, don't worry about Trent. He shouldn't be bothering you anymore.' I replied to his message 
'Thank you. And goodnight sleep tight. ;)'
The next message was from Trent. 
'I didn't mean what I said. I'm sorry. I miss you so much baby. I can't go another day without you. I love you.' 
'I miss you too Trent, but I can't keep doing this with you. Trust me I want to be with you, it makes it so much easier but I can't. I can't trust you after what you did to me. You ruined me Trent. I love you, but I can't anymore. I'm moving on, and you need to too, whether it's the girl you were with before or someone else. You will find someone, but that someone isn't me. And maybe in the future we will be together, but if it's meant to be it will happen, but I'm not ready to be with you again and I don't know if I ever will be. I'll always love you, you were my first love, and nothing can change that. But I'll love someone else even more, and it will be the man I spend the rest of my life with and I don't think you are the one. I'm sorry. I do love you. But I can't.' After 5 minutes I got a reply. 
'Its Liam isn't it. He's the one? He's the reason we aren't together, or even working out our problems?' 
'Of course not. Trent I don't think I can trust you. You lied to me for pretty much a year and I can't go through that again.' 
'Thats why we need to talk it out and work through it. Baby, I love you and I can't lose you again. It's always been you.' 
'Trent, stop. I can't. Goodnight.' I went under the covers until I got another text. I picked up my phone and looked at the message. 
'I will prove to you that I am worth it and you can trust me. I love you so much baby. Goodnight beautiful.' 
I put my phone down and started crying into my pillow. Teagan came over and sat down. She read the messages. 
"It'll be okay." She said. 
"I miss him so much." I cried.
"I know you do. But you won't when you find the one." She said. 
"But what if he is. What if he is telling the truth. What if he means it all and I'm being to stubborn to realize it." 
"That's why it's a 'what if' and not a 'I know' no one ever knows but as you told trent if it's meant to be it will happen. I don't think it is. Take a risk Hayley. Go for someone else, and if it isn't better than Trent then maybe you are meant to be but you can't keep thinking 'what if' you need to try. Try moving on." Teagan said. She went back to her bed. I laid down silently crying myself to sleep. I woke up the next morning to Niall jumping on my bed.  
"Niall, what do you want?" I asked annoyed. 
"You need to get up!" He said too happily. I looked up at him and kicked him in the place he shouldn't be kicked. He just dropped. 
"What was that for!?" He screamed. 
"Well I can't kick you in the knees.. So I kicked the second best." 
"Well according to some people that is the first best. Soo... You're wrong there Hayley." Niall said. 
"Niall I don't want to hear about your sex life. I'm not interested in that." Niall wiggled his eyebrows. I rolled my eyes and pushed him off the bed. I fully sat up and then my phone went off. I was too lazy to get it. 
"Liam can you please get me that?" I asked him. He nodded and grabbed my phone. He looked at the screen and then he tensed. Oh no. Trent must've texted me. I grabbed my phone out of his hand and then looked at the message. 
'Good morning baby, I hope you have a good day. Text me later maybe? Love you.' I tensed up a bit and then just deleted the message. 
"What did he say?" Teagan asked. 
"Nothing important." I said looking at Liam who was staring at me intently. 
"Well, you need to get going and get ready. You need to be at the studio in like 20 minutes." Harry said. I got up and took a shower. Then I put on my matching white lace bra and underwear and then my white strapless off shoulder blouse with see through arms and pair of ripped skinny jeans. I walked into the room and Teagan looked at me weird. 
"It's going to be like 90 today." She said. I looked for my jean shorts until I looked to see what Teagan was wearing. 
"Are you seriously wearing my jean shorts? I was going to wear those. Why don't you wear your athletic shorts or something?" I asked annoyed. Teagan looked through my clothes and saw my black sequin mini skirt. She held it up and I just shrugged and grabbed it. I went back into the bathroom and put it on with my spandex underneath it. I walked into the room and grabbed my jeweled t strap flat slingback sandal, black, white, and teal shoes. I blow dried my hair crimped it, and then put in a chunky gold head chain. I put on concealer, foundation and then light eye shadow. I put on a thin line of black eyeliner on my top lid and then mascara. I looked at my phone and I did everything in exactly 15 minutes which gives us 5 minutes to get to the studio. The door opened and Harry walked in.
"You're late." 
"Umm no. We have 5 minutes to get to the studio that's 3 minutes away. I still had two minutes thank you very much." I said. 
"Someone's sassy today." Harry said. 
"As usual." I said. 
"Just get to the car." 
"Yes sir." I said saluting him. He shook his head and walked out. I grabbed my phone and went outside. I got in the car and we drove to the studio. We walked in and Simon was getting the studio all set up. 
"Someone looks fancy today. Have a date or something?" Simon asked me. 
"Of course I do!" I said sarcastically. 
"With?" Simon asked. 
"No one. I don't really have a date." I said. I heard Liam sigh of relief I think. 
"What's this week Simon?" Teagan asked. 
"Male pop." He said. I nodded. All of a sudden I felt arms go around my waist and I knew it was Trent. 
"Why are you here?" I asked him. 
"Why are you touching her?" Liam mumbled. 
"I'm here to see my uncle." He said. 
"Who's your uncle?.. Wait.. Simon." I said. 
"Whyd you come now? He's helping us rehearse he can't spend time with you? You've never come before. When we were dating you didn't." His arm were still around me and I kept trying to get them off but he would tighten the grip. 
"Can you please let go of me?" I asked. He didn't budge. 
"I think she said let go of her." Liam said between gritted teeth. 
"Why do I have to listen to you?" Trent asked cockily. Simon walked in. 
"Okay so the song is- Trent?" Simon said. 
"Hi uncle Simon." Simon looked at me confused and I gave him a look. 
"Please Trent let go of me. We aren't together." I said. Trent once again wouldn't budge. 
"Trent?I think she said to let go of her." Simon said. Trent let go and I moved over near Liam. 
"So what song are they doing?" Louis asked trying to change the subject. 
"What if by Jason Derulo." Simon said. I nodded.
"Wait. Who is doing that high note that's like impossible to hit." Teagan asked. 
"Hayley. The boys will work on it with her." Simon said. My eyes widened. 
"Umm..I can't hit that note." I said. 
"That's what you think. Go into the studio with Teagan and rehearse here's the sheet music." Simon said. I sighed and walked into the studio. We were going good and when we got to the high notes I couldn't do it. Nothing came out. That is way too high for me. 
"See? Told you I couldn't hit it." I said. 
"Liam go help her." Simon said.
"I don't even think I can hit that note." Liam said. 
"Liam you can hit it." Simon said. Liam mumbled a few words and came in the booth. Teagan left. Liam gave me a hug. He started telling me all different tips. I could feel Trent staring. The music started and I was singing my parts. Liam sang Teagan's just because it would help me out to hear it more. When he sang his part he looked straight at me. I blushed a little and looked down. All of a sudden a screech went in the headsets. I threw the headset down to the ground and looked up. 
"Umm? What was that." I asked. Simon looked at Trent and said something. Trent put his hands up in defense and then sat down. 
"Sorry about that technical difficulties. Start at the beginning of Liam's chorus." Simon said glaring at Trent. The music started again and when it got to the high note I hit it, but it wasn't as good as it could be. Liam gave me a few more tips and after a couple more tries I got it perfectly according to Simon. When I hit it I gave Liam a hug. We got out off the booth and Trent was glaring at Liam. 
"You okay?" Liam asked him smirking. 
"Just fine." Trent said. I was talking to the boys when someone tapped my shoulder. I looked at saw Trent. 
"Can I talk to you?" He asked. Everyone looked at me. I nodded. We went into another room.
"Yes?" I asked. 
"What was that with you and Liam earlier?" 
"what do you mean?" 
"He looked at you and you just started blushing and looking at the ground."
"We aren't together, you can't control me Trent. I told you this last night, I don't get why you even came today it definitely wasn't because of Simon." 
"I wanted to see you. I miss you. I miss being with you. I love you so much. I was stupid for that and honestly it meant nothing." Trent said. 
"Everything means something and if it didn't mean anything why'd you start dating her the day after we broke up?" I asked. 
"Because I thought she was what I wanted but she isn't. You are. It's always been you." 
"Trent, I told you last night how I felt." 
"Yeah, and last I remember it was that you do still love me." 
"I always will and you know that. We were together for 3 years.. Well obviously only two to you, but to me 3. I can't throw it all away like that. I love you but that doesn't mean I'm in love with you. I was, until you cheated on me. And with the help of friends I know that I deserve better and that I need to move on." I said.
"Can I even try changing your mind?" He asked. 
"I don't even know." I replied. Before I knew it he put his hands to my face and pulled me in and kissed me. I felt myself kiss back out of instinct, until I realized what I was doing. I pulled away.
"Trent, please stop. I can't." He sighed. 
"I guess I'll see you around then." He said. I nodded. He left the room and I guess the studio too because when I went back in with the boys Trent was gone. Everyone looked at me and I just shook my head telling them to just leave it. The rest of the day was spent rehearsing. I seemed to only be happier when Liam was around me. If it was just me and a couple of the boys I wasn't myself but when Liam came I would just be happy. The rest of the week went on and my high note got better each day with the help of Liam. He could hit the high note and whoever he would to help me his neck veins would pop out. It was kind of hot. Now it's performance night and I was freaking out because of the high note. The guys calmed me down and now it's time to go out. They played the video as we got set on stage and now we're up. 

if you are the one
then us meeting here is fate
future with a dog named Ben
buy a house with a fireplace
this is the first I've seen your face
but there a chance we are soulmates
I know that this might sound crazy
cuz you don't know my name

but we can't
we can't tell
the future no
but that's just, the beauty of the world we know
so Imma say duuuduuu duuuduuu duuudu duuudu
baby, what if
we all can say duuuduuu duuuduuu duuudu duuudu
baby, what if

what if [6x]

picture me on one knee
with the perfect diamond ring
we just met, but if you say "yes"
we'd have our wedding on the beach
it could happen, raise three kids
and we grow old so happily
I know this may sound crazy
cuz I don't know your name

but we can't
we can't tell
the future no
But that's just, the beauty of the world we know
so Imma say duuuduuu duuuduuu duuudu duuudu
baby, what if
we all can say duuuduuu duuuduuu duuudu duuudu
baby, what if
don't know what tomorrow brings
but i'm still hoping
that you are the one for me
oh and what if I had you and what if you had me and
baby, what's the reason we can't fall in love?
what if
what if
what if

but we can't
we can't tell
the future no
But that's just the beauty of the world we know
so Imma say duuuduuu duuuduuu duuudu duuudu
baby, what if
we all can say duuuduuu duuuduuu duuudu duuudu
baby, what if

but we can't
we can't tell
the future no
But that's just the beauty of the world we know
so Imma say duuuduuu duuuduuu duuudu duuudu
baby, what if
we all can say duuuduuu duuuduuu duuudu duuudu

baby, what if

I hit my high note perfect. I was so proud of myself. Once we got backstage all the guys hugged us. Next daily was results. We got called fourth. It was a little nerve wrecking. One of the girls Madison went home. She was really nice and an amazing performer. I was shocked. But at least we made it. This week was definitely eventful. Hopefully next week is better. 

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