Nobody Compares

Teagan and Hayley are both 16 years old and juniors in high school. They live in Foster, Rhode Island and both love singing. Teagan sings, plays three sports field hockey, basketball, and tennis. You can say she's far from being girly and she's outgoing most of the time, but can be shy at times. Hayley loves singing, she plays volleyball and softball. She is like Teagan with the fact she's outgoing but she's very girly. They both decided that they should try out for XFactor this season. What will happen when they go? What's happens when they meet their favorite band One Direction? Will love interests happen and what will happen with their singing careers will they be a dream or become reality.


5. Chapter Five

Teagan's POV 

After our performance this week Simon told us that tomorrow we could come in late since he had a meeting. Once we got back to the house I went right to bed while Hayley was texting someone, more than likely it was Liam since she was actually smiling and didn't look that upset. I really hope she takes my advice and tries to move on from Trent which I really think she is trying to do right now. 
**Next Morning**
I woke up this morning at 9 it was nice to sleep late since I didn't have to be at the studio until 10. I looked over at Hayley's bed and didn't see her there but I did see a note. 
   'Hey Tea went to the mall and then going to the studio. I was going to wake you up but I know how you feel about the mall most of the time and I know how you like to sleep so I figured I'd just leave. See you at the studio!
I laughed at the fact that she actually went to the mall this earlier in the morning this girl has a serious shopping problem. I went over to my closet and picked out my outfit for today. I grabbed my outfit and went to take a quick shower. After my shower I changed into a pair of black short shorts and a stapless grey top that was tight at the top and flowy at the bottom with a light grey bow on it and put in a pair of black flip flops. After I changed I dried my hair and put it into a side fish tail braid. I checked the time and saw it was only 9:20 so I put on a little bit on mascara and then some lip gloss just because I had a little extra time this morning. Once I finished that I decided to go and get some Starbucks. I texted Hayley to see if she wanted anything which she did then left and got what we both wanted. I got to the studio a little before 10 and Hayley and the guys where already there. I walked in and Hayley jumped up and grabbed her Starbucks from me. I looked over at the guys and saw Harry looking at me but as soon as I saw him he turned and started to talk to Louis. Weird but whatever. 
"Morning guys!" I said going over and sitting on the couch next to Hayley and Harry. All the guys said good morning and I saw Louis smirk at Harry. Something weird is going on with them right now. 
"Teagan I love your outfit today!" Hayley said looking me up and down. 
"Thanks Hay!" I said smiling. We all started talking about what we thought this week was going to be. After talking about it for a little while Simon walked in and was laughing at all of us trying to guess what it was. 
"You guys won't guess it so I'll just tell you." He laughed. 
"Please!" Hayley said laughing too. 
"Alright this week is 80's week and you'll be singing 'Living On A Prayer'." He said. 
"Have fun with that high note Hayley." I laughed. Hayley just shrugged and Simon smiled at me. 
"Teagan you'll be singing the high note this week." He said. 
"Huh I can't hit that! Hayley always hits the high notes!" I said in shock. 
"You can hit it and you will hit it so come on let's go start." Simon said. Everyone got up and started to walk to the booth so we could start to practice I waited for everyone else to go and Harry waited to. I started to walk to the booth with Harry once everyone was ahead of us. 
"Um you look uh really pretty today Tea." Harry said nervously with a slight blush. I couldn't help but blush and let a small smile come onto my face. 
"Thanks Harry." I said smiling at him. We walked over to the booth were everyone else was and Hayley and I started to practice. We were doing really good until it came to my high note I completely messed it up. 
"Sorry Hay." I said feeling bad that we were doing so good and then I messed up so we had to start over. 
"Don't worry about it you're not going to be able to hit it right away I understand. It's going to take a few times." She said smiling. I nodded and we started the song again, we sang the song really well again until it came to my part and I tried my best to hit it. It was better than last time but still not close to what it was suppose to be. We started the song again and I got a little closer to what it was suppose to sound like. We did this a few more times and I got a little closer but Simon decided that we should have a lunch break and afterwards Zayn will help me with the note. We had an hour lunch break but we decided just order Chinese food and have it delivered to the studio. We were all talking when I had an idea.  
"Hayley let's Skype the guys!" I said grabbing her laptop. Hayley nodded and logged onto her Skype. 
"Guys don't they have school right now? You can't just Skype one of them in the middle of a class..." Niall said. 
"No it's 3 PM there. They're already out of school." Hayley laughed. 
"C'mon Niall you should know this it's common knowledge!" Louis said rolling his eyes. 
"Whatever Hayley call one!" I said. The guys all laughed and walked out of the room to go talk Simon and give us a chance to talk to our friends. 
"Who's most likely to answer?" She asked. 
"Um Jared! He's always on his laptop." I laughed. 
"Good point." She laughed. She pressed his name and waited for him to answer. 
"Hello?" He said very confused. 
"Wow great to talk I you too." I said rolling my eyes.
"Sorry just confused you always call one of your brothers or sisters or Angelica." He said. 
"Sorry we figured you would be the best bet since you're always on your laptop. Is anyone else there?" Hayley asked. 
"Yea hold on." He said. "GUYS TEAGAN AND HAYLEY ARE SKYPING US!" He yelled. We heard everyone come into the room and saw them all around the camera. 
"Olivia is at soccer and Justin is still at school for a test." Angelica said. 
"Okay! Well just tell them we say hi! But what have you guys been up too?" I asked. 
"Ya know school,work,hanging out." James said. 
"Basically. You're not really missing anything." Tyler laughed. 
"Shouldn't you be practicing? I mean not that we don't want to talk to you but still." Angelica said.  
"No we have our lunch break right now." I said. 
"Then why aren't you eating?" James said. 
"Because our food not here yet obviously." Hayley said. 
"No need to be rude." He said. 
"No need to ask stupid questions." Chloe laughed. Which made everyone else laugh. We all started to talk about random things and what Hayley and I tried to catch up on everything we are missing at home when the boys walked in with our food. Harry came over and sat next me and he handed me some food and Liam handed Hayley some too.
"Thanks guys!" Hayley and I said. 
"We have to go do homework we'll talk to you later!" Chloe said with a smirk. 
"What no we don-"Jared started but Angelica hit the end button before he could finish. We all ate and joked around. Harry was always either looking at me thinking I didn't see or he was always talking to me. After we finished eating we went back into the recording booth but before I went into the booth Zayn gave me some tips and techniques on how he hits his high notes. I went in and same with Hayley. I did what Zayn told me to do and I got the note almost perfect. So we finished singing the song instead of restarting it. 
"That was really good girls. Teagan your note is almost there. Come on let's start again." Simon said. We sang the song again and I hit the note just like last time. We did this probably two or three more times and kept hitting it the same way. 
"Tea think about what Zayn told you and see what you're not doing and try what you aren't doing. " Hayley said. 
"Okay." I said. We started again and once when we got to the note I hit it perfectly. 
"Okay. You girls did really well today. Let's end on that. Come in for 10 again tomorrow." Simon said before leaving. We both walked out of the booth and harry came up to me. 
"Good job Teagan I knew you could do it." He said. Hayley looked over at me and smirked and so didn't the other guys. I'm going to ask Hayley what is going on when we get back. 
"Alright bye guys see you tomorrow!" Hayley said waving before we left to go back to the house. Once we got there we went up to our room I was sitting on my phone going through twitter while Hayley was going through her clothes trying to pick what to wear tomorrow. Maybe I'll try something different and change my style. 
"Hey Hayley. Can I borrow one of your outfits for tomorrow." I asked. She turned around and looked at me shocked. 
"Ya know I want to try something different change my style. So can I?" 
"Um not until you tell me the real reason why you want to." She said. 
"Um well today I might have realized I have a small crush on Harry. So I figured tomorrow I would change up my look a little bit and see how things went." I quickly said and looked up at her. 
"Really? Of course you can! And he definitely like you too! I'll find something for you!" She said pulling outfits out of her closet. She pulled out like five outfits and handed them to me. 
"Here try these and tell me what you think." 
"Okay." I said grabbing them and walking into the bathroom to try them on. I tried them all on and picked out the outfit I wanted and gave Hayley's the others. 
"Thanks Hay!" 
"Your welcome! Can I do you makeup and hair tomorrow too!" She asked very excited. 
"If you want to." I laughed. She nodded her head and them continued to try and pick out what she wanted to wear. We talked about how I like Harry how Hayley likes Liam. The rest of the night we hung out with rest of the contestants, texted people from home, and went over our song. Once it was getting late we both went up to bed. 
"Tea I'm waking you up at 8:45 tomorrow so it gives us enough time to do everything." Hayley said laying down in her bed. 
"Okay. Night Hay." I said right before I fell asleep.
I woke up this morning to Hayley poking me. 
"Get up come on we have to get you ready Tea!" She said very excited. 
"Okay okay I'm up." I mumbled as I got out of bed. 
"Go get dressed and then I'll do your hair." She said. I nodded and grabbed my clothes and walked into the bathroom and got changed. I walked back out and Hayley had everything set up for me.  
"Sit." She said and pointed to the chair. 
"Yes ma'am." I said laughing as I sat down she just rolled her eyes. She started to curl my hair and that took about half and hour. Then she did my make up and did a natural look to it since I don't really wear it that often. Once I was down I looked at myself in the mirror and really liked how I looked maybe I could defiantly consider changing my style. I was wearing a light pink tank top crop top with a light pink skirt with grey and light blue designs on it with a pair of silver sandals. 
"See you should have listened to me before about changing what your wear." Hayley laughed as she walked into the bathroom. I just rolled my eyes. 
"Hurry up we have to be there in half an hour." I played on my phone and waited for Hayley to get ready. It took her like twenty minutes for her to get ready. She was wearing spaghetti strap dress with a reddish orange tribal print top and a flowy navy blue bottom with a brown belt and brown open toed heels. She had side bangs in a braid going around her head into a pony tail. She had on foundation and concealer. Then white eye shadow with brown smokey eye. With eye liner on both her top and bottom lids and mascara. 
"I love your outfit!" I said standing up from my bed. 
"Yup I know! I love your outfit too where'd ya get it? Ready to go?" She asked. I nodded and rolled my eyes. "Alright let's go!" She said as we both walked out of our room. Once we got to the studio once we walked in everyone looked at me. 
"Uhh Teagan what are you wearing?" Zayn asked. 
"One of Hayley's outfits." I said and walked over to the couch to sit down. 
"Why are you wearing it?" Niall asked. Everyone looked at him shocked that he said that. It didn't really bother me I knew what he was trying to say but Harry said something before I could. 
"Niall you're and idiot! Teagan I think you look amazing." He said smiling at me. 
"Thanks." I said and I could tell I was starting to blush. I looked over at Hayley who was smirking at me. I rolled my eyes. 
"And by the way Niall I knew what you meant. I just want to change my style up a little bit." I said shrugging my shoulder. He just nodded his head then Simon came in and told us it was time to practice our song. We practice our song until like twelve and then we had our lunch break. Zayn, Niall, and Harry went to go get everyone lunch at Panera Bread. Louis, Liam, Hayley, and I were all sitting on the couch when Louis looked at me with a smirk on his face.
"So Teagan. What's the real reason you decide to dress up today?" He asked. Hayley got a smirk on her face and I could tell she was trying not to laugh. 
"I just wanted to try and change my style a little bit." I said. 
"Tea you're not fooling me. Just tell me." He said. 
"I just did." I said rolling my eyes. 
"So it has nothing to do with Harry?" Liam asked. Hayley looked like she was about to die from trying not to laugh. 
"Uh no why would it have something to do with  Harry?" I said hoping that they couldn't tell I was lying. 
"Because you like him and we know it. If you admit it I'll tell you what Harry thinks..." Louis said. Hayley just looked at me telling me just to tell him. 
"We swear we won't tell him!" Liam said. I rolled my eyes. 
"Fine I may have a small crush on him. But I swear if you tell him I will never talk to either of you again." I said blushing. 
"Good because he had a crush on you of you couldn't tell!" Louis laughed. 
"Louis Liam seriously thought don't tell him." 
"We won't know you might want to shut up because I hear Niall coming." Liam laughed. Niall can skipping in.  
"I've got food!" He said swinging the bag around. "And why did I hear my name and shut up?" 
"You caught us we were talking about how amazing and cool you are!" Hayley said. 
"I know I am!" He said sitting down. 
"Hayley don't lie. Niall we were talking about how much of an idiot you are..." Louis said.  
"Whatever Louis!" Niall said. He gave everyone our food and we all ate and talked. Once we finished eating we went back to the booth to practice. We practiced for another three hours then went home. 
The rest of the week was spent practicing and having Harry and me flirt. Then came performance night I was so nervous about the song because of that note. I knew that if I messed that up then we would probably go home. 
"Teagan don't worry you'll do fine. You've been hitting the note perfectly the past few days. Don't think about it just sing." Hayley said before she went on stage.

Tommy used to work on the docks 
Union's been on strike 
He's down on his's tough, so tough 
Gina works the diner all day 
Working for her man, she brings home her pay 
For love - for love 

She says we've got to hold on to what we've got 
'Cause it doesn't make a difference 
If we make it or not 
We've got each other and that's a lot 
For love - we'll give it a shot 
Whooah, we're half way there 
Livin' on a prayer 
Take my hand and we'll make it - I swear 
Livin' on a prayer 
Tommy's got his six string in hock 
Now he's holding in what he used 
To make it talk - so tough, it's tough 
Gina dreams of running away 
When she cries in the night 
Tommy whispers baby it's okay, someday 

We've got to hold on to what we've got 
'Cause it doesn't make a difference 
If we make it or not 
We've got each other and that's a lot 
For love - we'll give it a shot 

We've got to hold on ready or not 
You live for the fight when it's all that you've got 


After the performance I felt so great I hit the note perfectly! After the judges made their comments me and Hayley went backstage to our dressing room and harry came up to me and hugged me. 
"I told you you would do perfect!" He said still hugging me. I hugged back and just nodded my head in agreement. After we pulled away from the hug we wentu and say on the couches and waited for the last performer to be done. Hayley was smirking at me the whole time. Once the last performer was done we went back to the house and went to bed. The next morning we got up got ready and went to the studio and got ready for the results. We were second act through this week. Jordan one of the teens went home this week. After the results we went backstage and we were all happy and joking around. Then Hayley and I both got a text from her sister. 
Chloe: 'hey girls I loved the video this week...but idk what your brothers with think of it. lol'
Hayley: 'what are you talking about?'
Me: 'what video?' 
Chloe: ' your video diary this week...' 
Me: 'ummm our what?' 
Hayley: 'we never made one but we have to go talk to the boys to find out which one did it... Send us the link please' 
Chloe: 'ok bye :)' 
After our conversation with Chloe and got the link we both looked at all the guys. 
"What?" Liam asked. 
"Why would you guys make a video of us?" I asked. 
"I'm I didn't.." Harry said. 
"I didn't..."Liam said. The other three started to laugh. 
"Have you even watched it yet because you four might want to.." Niall said. Liam and Hayley looked at Hayley's phone and me and harry looked and mine. The video was the whole week of me and Harry flirting and them Hayley and Liam flirting. 
"Really guys?!" Liam said. Me and Hayley were both just looking at the three of them in shock that they managed to do this without the four of us knowing. The three of them were laughing like crazy and the four of us were all glaring at them. 
"Hey you've got to admit we did a good job! I even managed to get the video of Teagan and Harry hugging from last night in there." Louis laughed. I just rolled my eyes. After Simon found out that his other group was safe he came back to talk to us. 
"First of you guys did great again last night! Second go home get some sleep and I'll see you at 8 AM tomorrow morning. And third you four I love your new video!" He said laughing at  the end then walking out. 
"See even Simon liked it!" Zayn laughed. 
"Whatever. It's late and I'm tired and I have to be ready for 8 tomorrow I'm going back to the house and going to bed. I'll see you guys tomorrow!" I said waving. Hayley nodded and walked out with me. As soon as we got back to the house me and Hayley went right to bed and feel asleep after a long week of hard work! 

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