Lost In His Emerald Eyes

ONce a girl named Bryn moved from Nevada to New York. Her new high school, Tampa Bay, was full of bratty popular kids. Taya, the most popualr and bratty girl, stole Bryn's schedule and map. Bryn was running around the halls looking for a map. She ran into someone, and dropped all her books. She bent down to pick them up and saw a boy's hand helping her. She looked up to see the mystery man's face and got lost in the most beautiful emerald eyes...


3. Chapter Three *SEXUAL SCENE*

Bryn's POV

I get home, and go upstairs to my room. I'm looking in my closet, trying to find out what to wear, when i hear a knock at my door. "Coming!" I say, and walk over to open my door. In front of me stands my mother, with a big smile on her face. I open the door wider for her, and she walks inside. "How was your first day Sweetie?" she asks. "Good," I say. "I made some friends today." "That's great!" She exclaims. I look back at my closet. I only have three shirts in there. "What are you looking at?" Mother asks, curious. "A boy at school asked me out, and I don't have anything to wear. He said he's taking me to a party." My mother looks at me with a strange look, but hen says, "You can wear one of your sister's old dresses, I have a bunch of them in a box downstairs." "Thanks Mom!" I say as she walks out the door. A few moments later she comes back with a large box, marked with the words "Party Dresses" on it. "She left it behind when she moved out, so I suppose you can have them!" She has a big smile on her face, not like a laughing kind of smile, but a warm, welcoming kind of smile. "Thank you," I say to her, as I give her a big hug. "These will be perfect!" She hugs me back, then after a moment, them embrace ends. She gives me one last smile, then walks out the door. I open up the box and find probably fifty dresses! I look through them until I find the perfect one; a mid-length dress, that had silver sequins on the whole thing. I smiled to myself as I undressed.




Zayn comes to pick me up from my house at 8:00 P.M. and I get in the car. He looks up and down at me, and smiles. He looks at my face and says "You're hotter then hell!" He has a look of the devil in his eyes. All I do is smirk at him. After about ten minutes, we get to the party. Or at least that's what I had been told it was going to be. I look up at the building we are in front of. "Club 90" it reads. We get out of the car and I see Harry and Louis near the entrance. How did they know we would be here? Zayn takes me inside and I instantly regret ever agreeing to go on a date with him. We were at, a stripper club. He takes me over to the bar, and gives the bartender a fake ID. He gives him another one that has MY information on it. This guy knows these things about me?! He is creepy as HELL! He asks for two of the strongest drinks they have, and he smiles wickedly at me. A few moments later the bartender gives us the drinks. Zayn picks up the shot glass and gulps it down. He hands me the other drink and I shake my head. He says, "Drink it." I still refuse. He gets angry. "Let me rephrase that. Drink it or I'll hurt you." I instantly take the glass from his hand. I know I'm going to regret this later. I shut my eyes and gulp it down fast. I cough; it burns as it goes down my throat. My head starts to tingle as Zayn asks for two more drinks. The bartender gives them to us and Zayn hands me another. I know what will happen if I refuse, so I drink it anyways. I cough again once I empty the glass. Zayn slaps some money on the counter then grabs my hand and pulls me to the dance floor. I feel drunk already. We start to dance and I giggle. "You don't drink much, do you?" asks Zayn. "Nope," I reply. "M'only 16!" "Are you a virgin?" He asks. "Yep!" I say, a bit loudly. "Grind on me." He says, and I obey. I feel a boner in his pants. All of a sudden, I feel a hand on my thigh. I see it's Zayn's a get a little worried. He starts to move it upwards, under my dress it goes. I feel him playing with my panties.  I pull away. He grabs my waist and pulls me close and whispers in my ear, "Follow me." He grabs my hand and pulls me towards a room. He tells me to go inside and wait, so I do as told. He comes back with two other boys, and a pair of hands cuffs. He cuffs to the bed inside the room. "This is Niall, and this is Liam." He says, gesturing to the two people. "Hullo!" I say. Zayn closes and locks the door. He then dims the light. "Undress. Now." Orders Zayn. I do so. soon I'm in only a bra and panties. Next, the boys start to undress. Zayn approaches me and begins to kiss me roughly. He starts to move downwards, and is kissing my neck. Zayn stopped for only a moment and says, "Come and get it boys." The other two boys come over onto the bed with Zayn and I and the begin to kiss my body also. Niall forces me to straddle around his waist and to kiss him back. While make out Zayn and Liam take off their boxers. Niall's hands move up my back to my bra strap. I feel him unlatching it and did. While still kissing me, he takes it off. I feel a cold rush of air on my bare chest. He stops kissing me and pins me down on the bed. I begin to cry. To stop my crying, Liam begins to kiss me. Niall is kissing one nipple while groping the other one. I am crying loudly now. Zayn is feeling up my thighs; slowly inching towards my vagina. Once he gets there, bites my panties with his teeth and pulls them off. He then thrusts a finger inside me. I push Liam off my lips and I scream as loud as I can, hoping Harry or Louis hears me. Liam slaps me for screaming, and I cry harder. Liam goes down with Niall, them each working with a different breast. Zayn slips in two more fingers, and this hurts. I scream even louder then I did before. I suddenly hear knocking at the door. "HELP!" I scream, and Liam slaps me again; harder this time. Niall puts me in a weird postion, and he attempts to thrust inside me. The door suddenly fly's opens. There stands Louis and Harry. "HELP ME!!" I scream. 

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