Lost In His Emerald Eyes

ONce a girl named Bryn moved from Nevada to New York. Her new high school, Tampa Bay, was full of bratty popular kids. Taya, the most popualr and bratty girl, stole Bryn's schedule and map. Bryn was running around the halls looking for a map. She ran into someone, and dropped all her books. She bent down to pick them up and saw a boy's hand helping her. She looked up to see the mystery man's face and got lost in the most beautiful emerald eyes...


6. Chapter Six

Harry's POV

I walk back to my room and realize I have to change. What if she wakes up while my naked? Awkward. I decided to change fast. After I'm done, I put Bryn in some real pajamas. I put her in a pair of my pajama pants and one of my pajama shirts. After that, I put her under the covers and make her as comfortable as possible. I then get under the covers with her, and pull her close to my chest. I can feel her warm breath tickling my bare chest. I close my eyes and I soon drift off to sleep. 




I woke up in the middle of the night to movement. My eyes snap open. I look down at Bryn and she's crying. I sit up and scoop her in arms. She's crying in my chest. "Shhh baby shhh... Don't cry... Shh...'' I'm slowly rocking her back and forth, brushing my fingers through her long hair. She sniffles a little and takes a big shaky breath, still crying a little. I decide to sing her a song to her. 

'You tell all the boys no, makes you feel good, yeah.'

'I know your out of my league, but that won't scare me away ohhhh no.'

'You've carried on so long you couldn't stop if you tried it'

'You've built your walls so high, that no one can climb it... But I'm gonna try'

'Would you let, me, see beneath beautiful'

'Would you let me see beneath you're perfect'

'Take it off now girl, take it off now girl, I wanna see inside'

'Would you me see beneath you're beautiful tonight'

Bryn stops ccying and is just sniffling. "You're really good at singing," she says. "You should be a professional when you're older!" I smile to myself. "You really think so?" "Of course!" she says. I lay back down and cradle her in my arms. I never want to let her go. "Go back to sleep baby, it's really early." she sniffles once more, and says "Okay." I hear her breath get louder, she must be asleep. I kiss the top of her head and say, "I love you Bryn." I then fall back asleep.

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