Lost In His Emerald Eyes

ONce a girl named Bryn moved from Nevada to New York. Her new high school, Tampa Bay, was full of bratty popular kids. Taya, the most popualr and bratty girl, stole Bryn's schedule and map. Bryn was running around the halls looking for a map. She ran into someone, and dropped all her books. She bent down to pick them up and saw a boy's hand helping her. She looked up to see the mystery man's face and got lost in the most beautiful emerald eyes...


7. Chapter Seven

Bryn's POV

In the morning I wake up to a noise. I don't feel Harry in the bed, so I open my eyes a crack. I see him naked; he was changing! I opened my eyes a bit wider, I  saw he had a six pack. Harry catches me staring. "Like what you see?" He asks, smirking. I blush violently. "Why are you getting dressed?" I ask. "I'm only changing into sweats baby!" I rub my eyes and lay back down. "Come back here," I tell him. "You make a nice pillow." Harry smiles. "I'm coming!" He walks over to the bed gets under the covers. I move towards him and he wraps me in a warm embrace. I could stay like this forever. Should I tell him that I love him? But what he doesn't love me back? That would ruin our friendship. "I have a question." says Harry, a hint of seriousness in his voice. "Yes..." I reply, curious. "Are you ticklish?" He smiles. "What?!" All of a sudden, he begins to tickle me! I begin to laugh hysterically, and he laughs too. I reach for his waist to tickle him, but he's too quick. He grabs both arms and pins them above my head. I try to struggle free, but he is also too strong! He tickles my armpits and I had been laughing so hard I began to cry! His grip loosens and I free myself. I grab his sides and squeeze, and he fell off the bed! I jumped down and was tickling him everywhere, and he began to cry he was laughing so hard! We both were laughing and we looked at each other. Like the first time I met him, I got lost in his emerald eyes. The laughing came to a slow stop, and we were locked in eye contact. He began to lean in, as did I, till our foreheads were touching, our lips just inches apart. And I couldn't take it any longer. I inched my lips to his, until I finally felt fireworks explode around me.

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